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Linnore Gonzales, GREEN AP


Linnore (14)

Linnore Gonzales leads a team of Decor and You Designers who are all committed to create beautiful interiors that will make you love the space you’re in! The team takes pride in their ability to truly listen to you and give you design options that meet your needs, wants and investment.


Award-Winning Interior Designers. At Your Service.

Proudly Serving the Metro Denver Area

Let the interior designers of Decor & You help you truly love the space you’re in. We specialize in creating interiors that reflect your personality and meet your needs.

Decor & You is a full service interior design company, offering exclusive products, management resources, and inspiration for homes and businesses located throughout the Denver, CO metro area.

Let us create your personalized Interior Decor Plan today. Request a consultation.


The Styleprint Design Online Course

Update your living space today. With a proven, step-by-step system​ ​and a helping hand when you need it, you​ ​can​ ​overcome your home’s challenges—and your own​ ​worries—to create the spaces of your dreams.​ Click below to access to this course. Includes ​seven how-to videos from Karen Powell ​of her 5-step design system for loving the space you’re in, helpful worksheets and design tools, ​and an accompanying digital version of Karen Powell’s book The Styleprint Design System.

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