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What is DecorRoom In A Box?  

"A custom designed space for a reasonable fee."

DecorRoom in a Box is an alternative service from Decor & You Highlands Ranch which offers a custom designed space for a reasonable fee to clients who do not really want or need Decor & You’s full range of design services.

DecorRoom In A Box is available to those clients who may want to do their own searching and purchasing based on a “Decor Plan” for their rooms.



How Does DecorRoom In A Box work?

We collect the necessary information to create the perfect DecorRoom for each client.

To get started, we require that prospective clients answer questions that will enable us to understand and get a sense of what it is they would want to achieve in the room.  

It will give us necessary information to create the perfect “DecorRoom” for the client. 


What is inside the DecorRoom In a Box?

The tools and step-by-step instructions included allow you to put together the room of your dreams.

With the information you receive in the DecorRoom In A Box, a client is free to follow and put their room together as we suggested, as closely or loosely as they want. With the dimensions and samples provided, a client will be able to go source similar products on their own. 

View an itemized list of what is in each box.


How much does DecorRoom In A Box cost?

Pricing is per room and depends on the size of the room and the scope of the design work.

You decide how many rooms you want to decorate.


*Take 10 % off the total pricing if you order 2 or more rooms at the same time.

View cost per room and shipping options.

More FAQ:

Can I still hire Decor & You for a consultation? Can I still be a full service client even after purchasing the DecorRoom In A Box program?

Of course! We will be very happy to answer questions and assist you further if you need our full line of design services. Our DecorRoom In A Box program is designed to be easy to follow and implement. However, if you want our help or want to go through us to purchase suggested items, we will be happy to assist you.


How do I get a DecorRoom In A Box?

To get started, click on the link below and answer a few questions about your room. Complete the questionnaire and pay for your box and in a few week you will receive the most awaited personalized “DecorPlan” from our DecorDesigners contained in your personalized DecorRoom In A Box.

Click here for the questionnaire: DecorRoom In A Box Questionnaire


Watch the Video

Learn more about DecorRoom in a Box in this video explaining the service in detail.