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Denver Interior Designer: Custom Closets for Your Home


The Denver lifestyle can generate quite a lot of clutter within your home, and especially within your closets. Think about all of the boots, coats, and gear you use in just one season!

Custom closets are a great way to corral that clutter and transform even the smallest spaces into attractive and efficient storage for your everyday essentials.

Our interior design firm works with our Denver clients to create custom closets that work well with the Colorado lifestyle, and here, we will share a few of our favorite ideas with you.

Plan your shelves

When designing custom shelves, it is important to think about what you want to put on each shelf. Instead of randomly selecting shelf heights, create taller shelves for boots, narrow shelves for sandals and flats, and deep shelves for storage containers or baskets.

Place some shelves at eye level and save those for your most-used items. For less-used items, include shelving near the top of your closet.

modern closet design by houston media and blogs Honey We’re Home- Houzz
modern closet design by houston media and blogs Honey We're Home- Houzz

Get hooked

Given the unpredictability of the Denver weather, it is smart to have an easily accessible space for hanging coats or damp clothing.

Over the door hooks are always a great option, but, if you have the space, you should consider adding a row of hooks along one wall.

Hooks provide easy and attractive storage for scarves, handbags, and coats; corralling all of those items in one place while also adding some color and texture to your wall.

Maximize “dead” space

Your closet has more space than you think, it is just a matter of finding that space and using it efficiently. Look for “dead” unused space in your closet and think about how you can use it.

Common dead spaces occur underneath or above hanging clothes or behind doors.

To maximize these spaces, think about using some creative storage options like adding storage bins or baskets underneath your hanging clothes. You will want to put less-used items in these containers, since they will not be convenient to access on a daily basis. This is a great place to store out of season clothes or shoes.

Install a shelf or two above your hanging clothes and line it with attractive storage bins. This can be a great place to store hats, extra hangers, or shoes that you do not use as often.

Finally, the back of the door can be a surprising space-saver. Install an over-the-door mirror, a few hooks, or a hanging shoe rack to turn this dead space into an efficient storage center.

contemporary closet design by houston showroom Cabinet Innovations- Houzz
contemporary closet design by houston showroom Cabinet Innovations- Houzz

Keep it contained

Instead of simply lining your belongings on shelves, consider put a few of them in neatly labeled storage containers. This works best for small items, like scarves, gloves, socks, and jewelery, or for items you do not use everyday.

Also, these containers do not have to be entirely utilitarian. Look for fun colors or prints that match your decor or that simply make you smile.

Unify the look

To give your closet space a more cohesive design, use elements that match and complement each other.

Try to stick with hangers that are the same shape and color. This will make your hanging clothes look less cluttered, and it will actually save you space by ensuring that your hangers fit neatly next to each other.

Choose storage containers that fall within the same pattern or color scheme. A cohesive color or pattern will visually unify your space and contribute to the overall goal of neat, organized design.

Save space for the pretty touches

You see your closet everyday, so treat yourself with a few pretty touches. Leave some shelf space for design accessories, such as pretty pottery or vases of flowers.

Choose a few pieces of art to adorn your walls. Try to choose smaller pieces that will not overwhelm your space and that fit with the larger color scheme. Framed photographs, small canvases, or hand-crafted signs are great options for adding personality without adding clutter.

contemporary closet design by san francisco interior designer Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs- Houzz
contemporary closet design by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs- Houzz
traditional closet design by seattle architect knowles ps- Houzz

traditional closet design by seattle architect knowles ps- Houzz

If it seems that you and your closet could use the consult of a professional, please register for your free in-home storage consultation with one of the lovely Decor & You decorators. Sometimes it just takes an extra set of [professional] eyes!


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