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Creating a Stylish Kitchen Desk Area


The kitchen can often be the most convenient place to create a home office.  It’s where the family congregates, it’s where important information comes and goes, it’s a place of chaos in the morning and a catch-all room at dinnertime. 

Taking care of paperwork and bills can be done while a meal is cooking.  Your desk does not have to be obvious, it should blend in with the decor of the rest of the kitchen.  As you can see in the examples below, some desks are made to look like a workspace, while others merge seamlessly with the style of the kitchen.

In the first image, the kitchen desk was an afterthought and is created by using a portable table.  It still works with the kitchen by staying in the neutral palette of whites, grays, and silvers.  The pops of turquoise and lime green are refreshing.  The second image shows a kitchen desk that was planned as part of the room.  Anything that would give it away as being a home office can be hidden within the built-in drawers.  It creates a clean look when not in use.

laptop table - Real Simple
Photo: Real Simple 

Kitchen - This Old House

Photo: This Old House

Don’t worry if your kitchen does not have room for a desk, this image is a great example of how to organize yourself with very little space.  In and out folders mounted to the wall, along with a calendar, chalkboard, and bulletin board create a home office on the wall.  It takes up only vertical space and still does a great job of getting everyone organized at the beginning and end of each and every day.

Closet Organization - Real Simple

Photo: Real Simple

For more information about creating a home office in a small space (like tucked away in the kitchen!), take a look at our guide to perfectly organizing a small office.

For hands-on assistance with your family's organization, be sure to schedule a free in-home organization consultation with a Decor & You decorator.

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