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Redecorating Your Teen's Bedroom


As your children grow older, it is inevitable that their tastes will change and they will get sick of their "child-like" bedroom. Be prepared for this day and follow these simple interior design tips for your teen's bedroom

If your child is not quite a teen yet, read our article Bright Colors, Loud Patterns - Children's Room Interior Design Tips for inspiration for your younger child's bedroom.

Teenage Girl

Creating the right room for your teenage girl takes a lot of cooperation on her part to get it right, but the result will be extremely worthwhile. A great place to start is to pick a color scheme. Choosing a bright, feminine and girly color to paint the walls can make the room pop and will get your daughter excited about her "new" room. Painting just one accent wall a different color is a creative idea to keep the room interesting while also minimizing some of the labor. If paint isn't your thing, wallpapers are back in style (we like to think they never went out of style!) and are an excellent way to add a stylish flair to the room's decor.

Teenage girls bedroom

Photo: Decoist

When the color scheme is chosen and the walls are dry, the second step is to pick a bed spread. Having the right comforter is important for a teenage girl and will be fun for her to select. The colors and pattern of your duvet or bed spread can be the deciding factor for other accessories in your room. Teenage girls tend to love monogrammed accessories, such as pillow cases or hanging wall signs. 

teen girls bedroom monogramPhoto: HGTV

teenage girl's bedroom light blue wallsPhoto: Inspiration for Home

Lighting is another easy opportunity to dramatically change the look and feel of your daughter's bedroom. The right chandelier can add a whimsical sophistication that she'll be sure to love.

teen girls bedroom chandelier resized 600Photo: HGTV

Teenage Boy

A safe bet for the walls in your son's room is to stick with blues, grays, and neutrals. This color scheme is safe for the tastes of most teenage boys, and is easy to accessorize as well.

teenage boy bedroom

Photo: Home Designing

If your teenage boy doesn't have a vision in mind for his bedroom, a great decorating method is to take inspiration from his interests and hobbies. If he's into a specific sport or activity, use that as the design scheme of the bedroom. This also lends itself to easy-to-obtain accessories - just look through his equipment stash!

NHL Beadboard teenage boys BedroomPhoto: Decoist


skateboard teenage boys bedroomPhoto: Decoist


For more inspiration on redecorating your child's bedroom, read our article featured in the Denver PostHow to Redo Your Child's Room for Less.


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