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Using Pantone's Color of the Year In Your Interior Design: Emerald


Every year Pantone Graphics announces the "color of the year," and this year it is Emerald, a "lively, radiant, lush green." In 2013,  you'll see this color everywhere, and if you're savvy, you can find many ways to incorporate its lovely shade into your own home.

An exciting way to go green in interior design is to introduce Emerald as the sole color element of the room. Here a velvety upholstery for a mid-century modern sofa stands out amid wood, metal, and black-and-white decor. This green sofa exudes luxury and comfort despite its strong color, and brightens the room considerably.

green mid-century modern sofaimage: Inthralld.com

In this room, the high-gloss striking green walls reflect the green in a pillow and the leaves on a nearby plant. Green contrasts beautifully with the gold of the lamp, table, and wallpapered ceiling, while being tamed by the subtle black-and-white patterns of the couch and rug.


emerald living roomimage: interiordesign-newyork.com

If you're not into too much shock-factor in your interior design, you'll find that green can be a calm and tame color as well. Consider this soft green sofa, whose color is echoed in lighter versions on the pillow and the drapes.

Palmer Weiss emerald sofaimage: Palmer Weiss Interior Design


If you cannot commit to the saturation levels of emerald, a more muted green is still greatly chic. The green walls of this English-cottage bedroom create a homey, pleasant feel, spiced up by the contrast between the greenery and the pink throw on the bed. 

green bedroomimage: designologyla.com

If you're seriously considering green in interior design, remember that one of the keys to using it well is knowing how to pair it with other complementary colors. Here, green is coupled with a light purple to create a soft, rather than a bright, glow.

lavender and green interiorsimage: Emerald Green Interiors

There are lots of ways to use green hues in your home, some whimsical or loud, some soothing and clean. But with Emerald being the Pantone color of the year, all of them are guaranteed to be stylish.

For more tips on decorating with emerald, download our new free decor guide!

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