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Design Questions Answered: Budget-Friendly Entryway Design Ideas


Last week we answered your design question about how to add an accent color to your space. This week we answer another question from one of our Colorado's Best viewers.

Viewer's Interior Design Question:
"I’ve been wanting to update my family room by adding a new accent color but I don’t know where to add it or how much of it to add, can you help?"

Your foyer is a visitor's first introduction to your home, so you want it to announce your style in an inviting way. If your foyer is large enough to set a scene, consider these DIY design tips for decorating your foyer:

One of the easiest ways to make the foyer fun is to paint an accent wall in a bright color. Try fuschia with black accents or a saturated yellow to really wake up the space.

fuchsia entryway from house beautifulPhoto: House Beautiful

yellow entrywayPhoto: House Beautiful

Alternatively, use a patterned wallpaper for a whimsical and enticing entranceway.

wallpaper in entrywayPhoto: Ganci Interiors

Imagine filling your foyer with the fragrance and color of fresh lemons or oranges. If you're a plant person, try growing dwarf varieties of fruit trees in big pots. Fruit trees do well indoors for a few years, and when they get too big, they can easily be transplanted outdoors.

interior potted orange tree

If your foyer is roomy, consider a large piece of furniture like a console or credenza that can act as a storage space for overflow items as well as a staging ground for seasonal displays of flora, or special show pieces like the pewter candlesticks you inherited from your grandmother or an old-fashioned pitcher filled with dried flowers. If you troll flea markets and thrift stores, you can even find an inexpensive console with that shabby chic quality that gives a foyer a welcoming charm. Or you can try upcycling the console to get the look that you want.

credenza in foyer of home

Another handy DIY foyer interior design idea is to find an old ornate mirror and paint the frame gold, then set it off against a black or other dark wall color. This will really make the room pop!

metallic mirror for foyerPhoto: Urban Nest

Just because your foyer isn't a room you sit in or spend a lot of time in doesn't mean that it has to be boring or overlooked. Use these tips to transform your foyer into a compelling introduction to your home.


Looking for design tips to decorate other small spaces in your home? Download our Small Space Decor Guide for more interior design inspiration!

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