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Elegant and Modern Wallcovering Ideas for Your Denver Home


People are often tempted to use paint to accent and enhance the feel of their home, afraid that wallpaper has gone the way of the dinosaur. What most people don't know is that wallcoverings have come a long way from the days when wallpaper was a tacky addition to the rec room or a stuffy way to add a floral motif to the kitchen. If you need elegant wallcoverings that look fresh and stylish, consider these options:


One new trend in wallcoverings is decals that you can easily attach to your walls. Decals can be a fun and unexpected accent for a bedroom or living room.

Nursury and Children's Room Walls

A recent popular trend for wall decals has been in nurseries and children's rooms. There are so many fun decals available to add a pop of fun and whimsy to an accent wall in your child's bedroom. 

tree wall decal for nurseryPhoto: Baby Room Ideas

If you are searching for a more sophisticated look in your nursery, try using decals in monotones that coordinate with your nursery color scheme.

light blue nursery with white sticker bird decalPhoto: HomeDIT

As a Headboard or Accent Wall

Wall decals are available in a multitude of styles and aren't just for kids' rooms any more. Find a patterned decal that you can repeat along an accent wall to give that wallpaper effect. Decals are easier to remove and can still provide an sophisticated wallpaper look.

wall decal as wallpaperPhoto: Walltat.com

Add some pop to your room with some contrasting bold decals like the ones used below.

best wall decalsPhoto: Houzz

A great place to use a wall decal is along your bedroom accent wall. Use the wall behind your bed as a headboard by adding some additional detail with wall appliques.

wall decal as headboardPhoto: Etsy


Wallpaper can sometimes be overwhelming when covering every wall in a room, but accent walls and small rooms such as bathrooms can really pop when given an elegant wallcovering to define a mood.

Natural Tones

Light, natural tan tones can create the perfect textured canvas in a room. The eclectic accent wall behind this low bookcase sets the perfect backdrop for a stylish assemblage of vases and various artwork.

West Elm Living Room WallcoveringPhoto: West Elm

Wallpapers with detailed patterns in lighter colors create a fun but still sophisticated look to your space.

zebra wallpaperPhoto: Cupcakes for Breakfast

Go Dark

Try using a dark wallpaper with glossy patterns on it. This technique gives the initial appearance of paint color, applying a beautiful contrast to white trim, but then displays a surprise glow of a pattern when you see it in a certain light. It is a gorgeous subtle way to add texture to your walls.

kelly wearstler wallpaper f schumacherPhoto: Kelly Wearstler with F. Schumacher Imperial Trellis


If you're looking for a local source for elegant wallcoverings in Denver, contact us to learn more about our wallcovering a la carte services. Have a one-on-one phone consultation with one of our experienced Denver interior designers to learn how to best pair the right wallcoverings with the right paint colors.

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