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Upcycling: The New Frontier of Interior Design


We've all seen it- the lonely and desolate piece of furniture thrown away on the side of the road. While in its current state it may not seem like much, with a little imagination and DIY spirit one man's trash can truly become another man's treasure through upcycling. Essentially, upcycling is the process of converting old and unwanted materials into stylish and trendy pieces. Here at Decor and You we are no strangers to transforming bare spaces into stylish and functional work environments (check out how we revamped an old warehouse) but now we're offering some great tips on how and what to upcycle to include in your home!


Window Shutters. 

Window shutters are some of the most versatile pieces to re-use in your home. Take an old discarded shutter, or go to your local hardware store, and paint it to match the decor of whatever room you choose to include it in. You may opt to rub sandpaper over the shutter once it's been painted to give it a more rustic feel. Once you have achieved the desired look, hang the shutter on your wall and use it as mail storage. If this isn't your cup of tea, wall sutters also look great as wall art- line multiple along your wall! 


                    window shutter ideas     window shutter ideas

Photos: oliveandlove.com and jacquelinezinn.com

Old doors.

Put your old door to good use and transform it into an interesting and dynamic focal piece in your dining area! Take an old door and paint it your desired color. Once you have done this, go to your local home improvement store to measure and cut a piece of glass to place and secure it on top of the door so the surface is flat and smooth. Attach and secure your new tabletop to a simple dining room table- now it's ready for eating and entertaining! You can also make a smaller coffee table out of an a smaller door or a full-sized door cut in half. 


Door Table Top Photo: The Ugly Barn Farm 

Old windows. 

Windows have endless possibilities for upcycling. One creative idea is to use chalkboard paint on the glass panels of the old window to create an unusual and appealing chalkboard to jot down daily reminders and memos- fun and functional! Another great way to upcycle an old window is to string twine horizontally across the window. Once you've done this, hang your favorite pictures with clothes pins and create a beautiful picture frame. You can always simply hang an old window and use it as charming wall art. 


       window chalkboard     window picture frame

Photos: ruffledblog.com and taliachristine.blogspot.com

 Upcycling is a great way to save money and be environmentally concious when you're furnishing your home. You can be sure that when you make pieces like these that your home will truly be one of a kind. 


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