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Sleep In Style With Creative, Beautiful Headboards


Headboards can also be head-turning. These creative headboard ideas go far beyond simple wood, and their bold, beautiful style can transform your bedroom.

Changing your headboard is a relatively easy way to overhaul your bedroom design and update the room's interior design scheme. The right headboard can beautifully complement your pillows and bed linens, making the overall look more unique and cohesive.

Headboard Design: Get Inspired, Get Creative

Repurposed Doors

With a fresh coat of paint or some antique staining, old doors can take on an entirely new look. Mounted on the wall, refinished doors make excellent headboards and can give your bedroom a delightful, offbeat elegance.

creative headboard ideasPhoto: House Beautiful

creative headboard ideasPhoto:

Updated Upholstery

A fabric headboard is a great way to bring a new color or pattern into your bedroom interior design scheme. This cheery yellow-striped headboard is the perfect complement to the bedroom's more subdued blue and white color scheme. To achieve a similar effect, choose fabrics with larger, crisply defined patterns- small, complicated patterns can look too fussy when viewed from afar.

creative headboard ideasPhoto: House Beautiful

An Artful Touch

Instead of a headboard, opt for a large, framed piece of art. Though shown in a more modern design scheme here, this creative option also works well with more traditional artwork and interior design schemes. The key: choose artwork roughly the width of your bed and tall enough to make an impact- you want it to take up the same amount of wall space as a tall headboard.

creative headboard ideasPhoto: House Beautiful

Windows of Opportunity

For an easy alternative to a headboard, position your bed in front of window. Shield your privacy with sheer curtains or shades, and add height and visual impact with more colorful window treatments. A few large, patterned throw pillows add another layer of height and help the eye transition seamlessly from window to bed.

creative headboard ideasPhoto: House Beautiful

A Simple Illusion

This charming design uses a wall-mounted shelf and a hanging pillow to cleverly give the illusion of a headboard. This option is great for small bedrooms, where a large headboard could add unwieldy bulk.

creative headboard ideasPhoto:

Taking Up The Mantel

Mantels don't have to be stuck above the fireplace- they make great headboards too. For a rustic look, repurpose a vintage or antique look. For a more modern design, consider painting or lacquering a mantel. To complete the look, top the mantel with a few simple accessories: pictures, vases, and candles are all great options.

creative headboardsPhoto:


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