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Infusing Nautical Design Into Your [Landlocked] Colorado Home Decor


While it may be a few [hundred] miles until you smell salt in the air, our Colorado home designs don't have to be without the freshness and crispness that nautical touches bring.


While we would not recommend a full Cape Cod theme throughout your home, it is nice to integrate some of the textures, colors, and symbols that life on the water brings.

nautical rope chandelier

Of course, we all think of anchors, shells, and sailboats in our nautical dreams but don't forget about the elements of ships. Finishes like antique brass and the use of ropes and knots can quickly add a seaside element.

antique brass nautical chairs

Photo: 1stdibs.com


I especially like how this interior combines warmer woods through the wall treatment. Most people think of whites, blues, and very light woods but this shows how a nautical look could easily fit in a Colorado resort home.

nauticul room in Colorado resort home

Photo: willowdecor.blogpost.com

From a color perspective, you can't go wrong with a strong blue and crisp white, but remember the other colors that can really add pop and strength (like the reds in these needlepoint pillows).

nautical pillows resized 600


Children's rooms are really a place that you can have a lot of fun and maybe go a little overboard (yes, pun intended). This ship bunk configuration would be fun for kids (or adults!) in a weekend or summer mountain home.

nautical themed kids rooms

Photo: houseofturquoise.com

If you grew up on either coast, or have spent a considerable amount of time there, you may be missing the infusion of the sea into your mountain life. Hopefully these tips and ideas will help ease the nostalgia and bring some of the ocean right here to your Colorado home.

Wondering what your design personality really is? Are you a naturalist, a purist, an explorer? Take our design personality quiz and learn now!

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