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10 Best Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen


The kitchen is often the most used room of the home... but it can also be the most disorganized. Here are ten easy kitchen organization tips to help you enjoy your kitchen more.

1. Install sliding shelf organizers.



Spring Kitchen contemporary kitchen

Photo: Houzz.com

Sliding shelf organizers, also known as pull out racks, do a great job of corralling your pots and pans. This is one of the most important kitchen organization tips because they allow you to maximize the space in your cabinets. I know I also hate having to crawl to the back of the cabinet to find that sauce pan or cookie sheet.

2. Use drawer organizers.

kitchen drawer organizer

Photo: remodelista.com

Instead of rummaging through a mixture of utensils, get drawer organizers to keep everything in order. This can help your family too when it comes to the dreaded dishwasher emptying chore!


3. Revamp your spice cabinet.

spice cabinet organization

Photo: bhg.com

Put all of your spices into identical clear glass canisters so you can see what’s inside and add labels to them. Put the spice containers on a shelf organizer that has several steps. Organize alphabetically then or via type of spice.

4. Add an island.

white kitchen islandPhoto: Houzz.com


Add more storage along with extra countertop space with an island. With some of our Denver interior design clients with smaller kitchens, we've actually added islands on wheels. An island also has the bonus of more countertop surface for prep which can be hard to find in a smaller kitchen.


5. Make use of decorative containers.

kitchen utensil holder

Photo: Etsy.com


Use colorful containers that can do the double duty of decor and organization. Gather together your wooden spoons into a bright container. Store your garlic bulbs in a bowl of your favorite color. Showcase fruit (and make sure it gets eaten!) by putting it in a basket or pretty bowl.


6. Use the space under your upper cabinets.


One Robinson Place - Minimalistic Design with an Artistic Touch contemporary kitchen
Photo: Houzz.com

This is often a overlooked area of the kitchen. Add lighting to help you see your food preparation better. Unfortunately, I've walked in to many kitchens that have terrible recessed lighting which leads to shadows on the counters where you're trying to cut. You can also install rods to hold your dish towels and cooking utensils.


7. Rethink your storage containers.

organizing food storage containers

Photo: CrateandBarrel.com


Many of us have too many plastic storage containers and misplace the lids to them. Instead, purchase a nice set of plastic or glass containers that you can stack up together.


8. Divide your cookware into categories.


Kitchen traditional kitchen
Photo: Houzz.com

Put all of your baking tools into one cabinet near where you store your flour and sugar. Assign a cabinet to hold all of your small appliances. If you're short on cabinet space, you can always put lesser used appliances on an organized shelving unit in the basement or garage.


9. Organize your pantry.

designer pantry organization

Photo: iheartorganizing.blogspot.com.au


Group similar objects, such as cans, into baskets. Pour your cereal into see-through canisters, so you’ll know when to restock. Add attractive labels for beauty and ease of use.


10. Add a message center.

kitchen message center for families

Photo: bhg.com


Put hooks and files on a wall to hold keys, mail, and other clutter. Tack up invitations and recipes on a bulletin board. One of our readers favorite blog posts is the creation of a kitchen desk area for organization so make sure to use that in your top 10 too!


When everything has a place, it’s so much easier to keep your kitchen clean, organized, and beautiful. The Denver families that we work with spend a lot of their times congregating in the kitchen so it's extremely important to have an organized space, free of too much chaos.


If you are wondering how you can better organize your kitchen in your Denver home, please sign up for a free organization consultation with one of our Decor & You decorators!



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