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Make A Grand Entrance With Fresh Foyer Design Ideas


foyer design ideasBe it a first date, a job interview, or a simple dinner party, first impressions are crucial. In your home, your foyer or entryway is responsible for that crucial first impression. Make it count with these foyer design ideas.

Begin with a pop of color. A bold color is unexpected and fun, surprising and delighting guests right when they walk in the door. We love the rich red of this cheery entryway design, complemented by the antique wood and soft dove gray walls. (Photo: theinspiredroom.com)

Don't be afraid of pattern. The paisley curtains and striped rug in this foyer design are cozy and welcoming. Use pattern in small doses in your foyer. A small rug, a painting, or an upholstered chair are all great places to incorporate color and pattern.

foyer design ideasAdd simple seating. Whether a rustic bench or a classic chair, a small seat in your foyer adds both convenience and visual appeal. If don't have a lot of space, consider a thin bench or narrow, straight-backed chairs.

Add at least one lamp to your foyer. Lamplight is softer and more welcoming than overhead lighting. Placing the lamp in front of a mirror amplifies its effect, multiplying the warmth and the light in your space.

Use rugs to define the space. Here the circular rug unifies an oddly shaped space. The pattern on the rug adds subtle texture without overwhelming the neutral color scheme. (Photo: theyellowcapecod.com)

foyer design ideasAdd flowers or plants for natural, easy elegance. Fresh flowers are ideal, but fake ones might be more feasible for everyday use.

Install wall-mounted shelving as a space-saving table. The table to the right manages to be both beautiful and incredibly space efficient. Mounted shelving keeps a small foyer from feeling too overcrowding while also providing space for displaying art and storing mail or other items.

A narrow coat rack provides unobtrusive storage. Look for simple designs that will blend into the background.

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