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Design The Perfect Spring Table: 3 Table Settings for 3 Spring Events


Spring is a season for entertaining. The weather is warmer, the flowers are blooming, and everyone is in the mood to get together and celebrate.

To help out our hostessing readers, we have put together three table settings for three different spring events. These spring table settings are designed to inspire you and to take the guesswork out of setting a beautiful table. Whether you are hosting a barbeque, a tea, or a dinner, these spring table designs will delight your guests and set the mood for an enjoyable event.

Casual Outdoor Barbeque

spring table settingsUse warm, rustic colors to achieve that classic, all-American barbeque feel. Add texture with glass and metal. Use simple serving techniques to keep everything easy and laid-back.

A classic red and white table cloth is the perfect base for this table setting. If you don't have that on hand, a solid tablecloth in a rich, warm color will also work well.

Add small touches of nostalgia with gleaming mason jars and rustic metal lanterns. Decorations like these can often be found at mega-chains like Target or Wal-mart, or at your local party supply store. (Photo: NDesign&Style)

Keep any flowers simple and natural- sunflowers, daisies, baby's breath, and simple greenery are all great options.

Organize food buffet-style, with woven baskets or galvanized buckets to hold beverages, and mason jars to hold silverware.

spring table settingsPhoto: celebrations.com

Ladies' Spring Tea

spring table settingsIndulge your fancy side with a lovely spring tea. Set the mood with light, pastel table linens. Either pale blue or pure white work beautifully.

Break out your best floral china for this event- your guests will automatically feel a little fancier. If possible, use a real teapot and a collection of cups and saucers.

For classic flower arrangements, group a variety of white flowers. Roses, lilies, peonies, gardenias, or babies breath work beautifully. Arrange these in silver bowls or crystal vases.

spring table settingPhotos: Southern Living

Cozy Outdoor Dinner

spring table settingsKeep it simple with clean lines and easy centerpieces. Cover an outdoor table with a patterned table runner for some design interest, and balance it out with neutral, solid-colored dishware.

For a fresh spring centerpiece, pile fresh fruit in a wooden bowl or woven basket. Fruit centerpieces are a refreshing departure from elaborate flowers, and they are also very budget-friendly.

Set a cozy mood with groupings of lightly scented candles. If possible, light a fire in an outdoor fireplace or firepit.

spring table settingsPhotos: Real Simple



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