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Psychology of Color: 3 Unusual Ways Color Affects You

psychology of colorYou might not know it, but the paint colors in your home can actually change your mood. In an upcoming Psyhcology of Color event with dabble.com, Linnore will talk about how different colors can affect your mood and help you choose colors that will make you feel better in your space. The event is on June 7th at 5:30pm at the Decor and You Denver offices.

For now though, we wanted to share 3 unusual ways that color can affect you

Red increases your appetite

Next time you walk into a restaurant, look around to see how much red they use in their interior design scheme. Freshome.com reports that a robust red will increase your blood pressure and stimulate appetite. 

psychology of colorPhoto: cupcakesandcashmere

Painting your kitchen red creates a warm welcome and prepares your guests for a meal. Be careful about overusing red in other rooms in your home, however. Too much red can become overwhelming to your senses.

Purple can combat anxiety and fear

Much like its close cousin blue, purple can calm and balance the mind, encouraging a state of mental relaxation and equilibrium. Layered combinations of dark and light purple can make a room feel more relaxing and soothing.

psychology of colorPhoto: purplebedroom.net

Orange can make you feel healthier

Orange has been known to stimulate lung function and the immune system- pretty powerful effects for a paint color.

Painting a room orange gives it instant vitality, and the vibrant color transmits some of that vitality to everyone who enters the room.

psychologyPhoto: coastal living

For more on the Psychology of Color, don't forget to sign up for our Dabble event hosted at the Decor and You Denver offices.



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