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Design Inspiration: Three Cool Office Design Ideas


Last week, we shared our own office design inspiration with some before and after photos of our redesigned office. This week, we want to share a few more cool office design photos. Even though they're not ours, we think they're pretty great.

Wide Open Spaces: Mother Office, Great Britain

Mother is one of Britain's most prominent advertising agencies, and architecture firm Clive Wilkinson came up with a beautiful space that reflects their creative, collaborative business style.

cool office design ideas
Definitely some of the coolest light fixtures we have seen (Photo: momoy.com)

We love how this office combines vibrant pattern with expansive swaths of neutrals. The white walls and the table's light gray stone give the space a cool, minimalist style, while the patterned panels above keep the space from feeling too clinical. The large table and open floor plan encourages collaboration amongst the various departments of the agency.

The Great Wall: Magazine Wallpaper Transforms Sample Office

This sample offices gets a hefty dose of texture from its very unusual wallpaper.

cool office design ideas
Need some light reading? Take a look at the walls. (Photo: dornob.com)

This wallpaper is designed to look like stacked magazines, an unexpected touch that instantly adds creative flair to any space. We also love the mustard fabric on the chairs. Adding such an unexpected pop of color is a great way to enliven the blacks, browns, and whites of typical office decor. 

Lighten Up: Citizen Office

This office does not skimp on light, using a combination of overhead lighting and light fixtures to brighten up its open floor plan.

cool office design ideas
No chance of hiding in the shadows at this office (Photo: diariodesign.com)

The large circular light fixtures add tons of visual interest, but they also help to divide the space into different working areas. We love how plants and furniture become barriers between spaces, eliminating the need for an actual wall. This makes for a functional open floor plan that still allows smaller, more intimate settings.

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