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10 Home Organization Ideas for 2012


What are your resolutions for 2012?  If you're like many Americans (and didn't list fitness or diet as #1), you've decided that you want to be more organized.  If organizing your Denver home is in the cards this year, take a look at these ten ideas to get you started.

  1. Add Shelves to Your Closets

    coat closet organization(image: Martha Stewart)

    Take a look in your closets -- do you only have a rod and a single shelf along with a whole lot of empty space? Make good use of every inch of your closets by adding shelving.

  2. Hide Clutter in Industrial Storage

    industrial home organization(image: birchandbird.com)

    The industrial look is all the rage these days and it tends to come with a lot of drawers. Corral away your small items, such as magazines and bills, for trendy Denver home organization.

  3. Get a Coffee Table That Works Overtime

    coffee table with shelf underneath for storage (image: Lonny mag)

    It's very easy to let items pile up on your coffee table, creating an unsightly spot in your living room. Get a coffee table that comes with a shelf on the bottom or drawers.

  4. Consider a Cubby Bookshelf

    cubby bookshelves for organization(image: Rue mag)

    These bookshelves are stylish, spacious, and modern. They can store many different items, from boxes to books. Vary how you fill each cubby to make it visually pleasing.

  5. Stock Up on Stylish Storage Containers

    unique containers for home organization(image: Lonny mag, design: Anthony Gianacakos)

    It doesn't matter if you have shelves galore in your home, you still need storage containers to hold all of your things. Woven baskets, decorative boxes, and vintage luggage all make great storage containers.

  6. Make Your Doors Multifunctional

    bathroom cabinet organization (image: Better Homes and Gardens)

    Sure, doors have an important function -- they open and close. But they can be so much more. Add small shelves to your bathroom cabinet doors to hold small items. Screw in hooks to your closet doors and hang up your coats and hats.

  7. Tidy Up Your Drawers

    vanity drawer organization image: Martha Stewart)

    Don't waste any more time rummaging through your drawers looking for an elusive item. Get wooden dividers and add them to all the drawers in your house.

  8. Write It Down on Bulletin Boards

    family organization center(image: House of Fifty magazine)

    If you have kids, you know how crazy their schedules can be. Get organized with stylish bulletin boards, calendars, and chalkboards.

  9. Don't Forget About the Ceiling

    garage storage(image: familyhandyman.com)

    The garage is frequently a space that needs more organization. Look up - is your ceiling bare? Put it to use by installing a storage solution there.

  10. Purge and Donate

    Denver home organization

    Sometimes the best way to organize something is to give it away. Living the minimalist life is possible -- and it can be beautiful.

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