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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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5 Ideas For Easy Fall Entertaining

pumpkin centerpieces

Fall brings so many great opportunities for entertaining- football season, school events, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and simple get-togethers with friends you missed over the summer. If you inwardly wince at the thought of putting on a gathering, remember that entertaining does not have to be difficult, and should be fun for the guests and the host.

Four Tips For Buying Art For Your Home

living room art

Buying art is one of the most daunting parts of decorating your own home. Art can dictate a room's interior design, and many people shrink from making a final decision. And many of them turn to to us. 

Our Favorite Textures For Fall Interior Design

polished stone home decor texture

When you think about it, fall is a season full of textures. Soft, nubby knits, crackling leaves, smooth pumpkins, woolen coats, the list could go on and on... and its no different for interior design. 

FALL In Love With Green

emerald green living room

HGTV recently named emerald green the color of the month, and we could not agree more here at Decor and You. 


AIM2Cure Denver Event To Fight Childhood Cancer


Here at Decor and You, we are happy to be aligned with AIM2Cure, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising childhood cancer awareness and providing funding for research, patient, and family support. Don't miss the upcoming Denver event on September 20th to benefit this great cause - the Gold Rush Mob Dance at the Douglas County Men's soccer game. Many local Denver businesses and citizens will be joining in on this great event to support AIM2Cure and those fighting childhood cancer.  

Cool Office Design Ideas

cool office design ideas
White Mountain Office (Photo: thecoolist.com)

Ok, so maybe your office can't be quite this cool...

... But these awesome workspaces might give you some cool office design ideas of your own. Whether you're looking to jazz up a current space, create an entirely new one, or simply reinvigorate your workstation, these cool office design ideas have plenty of inspiration to offer.

Don't shy away from color

Professional doesn't have to mean neutral. Used selectively, brightly colored accents add visual interest to office spaces. As an added bonus, bright colors are proven mood-boosters. 


Great Mudrooms Marry Form and Function


Sure, organization is important in a mudroom. The room's central function is, after all, corralling everyone's clutter and keeping everyday necessities accessible. However, that doesn't mean mudrooms can't be beautiful. Too often, people dismiss mudrooms as a merely functional space, unimportant in terms of interior design. But, it's a space you see and use everyday- why not make it beautiful?

Is Franchising One Answer To The New Career Economy?

franchising, new career economy

"New Career Economy"- It's a term that's been bandied about a lot recently, as we continue to stare down the slowly receding recession. This term refers to a basic economic shift from large companies to smaller, more self-sufficient businesses. The term does not imply that large companies are disappearing, it simply highlights a growing entrepreneurial trend amongst workers formerly employed by large corporations. Plagued by uncertainties about job security and Social Security, more workers are seeing the benefits and the satisfaction of starting and running their own business. (Photo: ehow.com)

Redress Your Windows: 5 Window Treatments We Love

window treatment

A good window treatment adds to a room's design scheme. A great one defines it. 

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