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Go For The Gold: Bring Metallics into Your Home Decor

navy with gold mettalics decor

This week, gold is on everyone's mind. Every night, we're gathering in front of the TV, cheering on Team USA as they accomplish feats most of us can only dream of. We might not know much about Olympic gold, but we can tell you how to liven up your home decor with metallics. Check out these award-winning combinations:

Dazzling Jewels: Creative Home Organization Ideas

jewelry organization

Over the years we can collect a remarkable amount of jewelry, and it becomes increasingly difficult to store in an efficient and eye-catching way. You wear your baubles to embrace your inner fashionista, why not let them enhance the look of your interior design as well? Here at Decor & You we have compiled some creative and simple ways to showcase and organize your jewelry.

Beyond The Box: Displaying Collections

displaying collections

Are there blank walls in your home begging for art? Do you have an beautiful space that still needs a bit of a personal touch? Instead of purchasing art, consider artfully displaying a collection of items that you already have.

Upcycling: The New Frontier of Interior Design

window shutter ideas

We've all seen it- the lonely and desolate piece of furniture thrown away on the side of the road. While in its current state it may not seem like much, with a little imagination and DIY spirit one man's trash can truly become another man's treasure through upcycling. Essentially, upcycling is the process of converting old and unwanted materials into stylish and trendy pieces. Here at Decor and You we are no strangers to transforming bare spaces into stylish and functional work environments (check out how we revamped an old warehouse) but now we're offering some great tips on how and what to upcycle to include in your home!

Big Apple, Big Style: A Look At Interior Design Transformation

Campbell Apartment

This past month our very own Linnore Gonzales made a trip to the big apple and while she was there sat down for cocktails at one of the city's most beautiful spaces: The Campbell Apartment. While its name is misleading, The Campbell Apartment is not an apartment building - it is an upscale bar and lounge located in Manhattan next to Grand Central Terminal.

Sleep In Style With Creative, Beautiful Headboards

creative headboard ideas

Headboards can also be head-turning. These creative headboard ideas go far beyond simple wood, and their bold, beautiful style can transform your bedroom.

Charmed By Chartruese

chartruese table

Not quite yellow, not quite green, chartruese can be the perfect in-between- a happy medium that is currently a hot trend in the fashion and interior design industries.

Baby Conscious Interior Design

chordless blinds

For many people, two large steps in life often overlap- having a child and buying a new home or apartment. When you're expecting a little one, it's important to keep their upmost safety in mind, especially when it comes to the decor and furniture around your home. Baby-proofing a room used to mean bulky baby gates and knotted curtains, but today you can have a stylish and safe home for your bambino. 

Easy Summer Entertaining Tips, Just in Time for the 4th!

4th of july entertaining

What does the 4th of July mean to you? To us, it means celebrating this great country that we all love, and remembering the sacrifices that have been made for it, both now and in the past. It means gathering with family and friends, enjoying delicious meals, warm (or really hot) summer weather, and maybe a few fireworks. 

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