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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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Get Creative With Your Bedroom Shelving

decor and you creative shelving

As a design element, shelving is often overlooked, or dismissed as merely functional. That quick dismissal, however, underestimates the interior design possibilities that shelving offers. With a little creative thinking, shelving can actually become the centerpiece of a room's design, a bold statement that shapes the rest of the room.

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What's Your LifeTrait Personality?

purist life trait

We talk a lot about finding the right design for you and discovering the interior design elements that work for your lifestyle. Self-knowledge is key to that discovery. Knowing who you are, what you like, and what your tendencies are will help you to design a space that is perfect to you, a space that will be a delight to live in.

Quick Summer Touches For Your Home

summer sheer curtains

As May winds down and graduations approach, we can safely declare the start of summer. Summer in Denver, CO is a pretty spectacular season. Warm, breezy weather beckons Denver's citizens outdoors, where open-air concerts, gorgeous hiking trails, and other summery amusements await.

Take Up The Mantel- Four Mantel Design Ideas That Make A Statement

mantel design ideas

If done correctly, a mantel can define your room and make a statement about your home's personality. Think of your mantel as a blank stage, ready to be filled with the various elements at play in your home's design. If that's a bit too poetic for you, simply think of your mantel as a space to display what you love- artwork, artifacts, photos, symbols, and much more.

Infusing Nautical Design Into Your [Landlocked] Colorado Home Decor

nautical rope chandelier

While it may be a few [hundred] miles until you smell salt in the air, our Colorado home designs don't have to be without the freshness and crispness that nautical touches bring.

Integrating Bright Colors Into Your Denver Home Design

one blue wall

Using bright colors in your home can be easier than you think but it's important to integrate them carefully and think about the juxtaposition of one room next to another. In a recent downloadable Decor and You LookBook, we show how you can use orange (one of the year's hottest colors) in your interior.

Choosing the Right Entertainment Center for Your Family Room

modern entertainment unit

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the beloved family room, the entertainment center is possibly the most important furniture of the room. It performs many functions, from holding the TV for family movie nights to hiding remotes, DVDs, and electronics. When you’re furnishing a home in Denver, find the perfect entertainment center for your family by focusing on three credentials: style, storage, and size.

10 Best Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Spring Kitchen contemporary kitchen

The kitchen is often the most used room of the home... but it can also be the most disorganized. Here are ten easy kitchen organization tips to help you enjoy your kitchen more.

3 Colors That Will Lift Your Mood

psychology of color

Our last psychology of color post seemed to strike a chord with readers, so we decided to look into color psychology even further. It is pretty fascinating stuff- the paint color that you choose actually has the power to boost your mood. And we could all use a little boost, right?


Dressing Your Nest: Home Decorating for Newlyweds

decor and you denver bridal registry

A marriage is all about new beginnings- a new family, a new lifestyle, a new home, and so much more. Moving into your new home together is a very special experience, and decorating that new home should be an equally special process. (Photo: missnowmrs.com)

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