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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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Interior Design For the Spring: Using Floral Patterns

floral walls

Now that the spring flowers are finally starting to bloom outside, it's the perfect time to bring some beautiful floral accents inside your home. Floral patterns make your home bright and cheerful. As the weather gets warmer, the reminder of spring inside your home will make you excited for the beautiful days to come.

A Pop of Spring: Coral Hues in Your Home

coral bathroom

When the long winter months are finally coming to a close, a little bit of color is a truly refreshing sight. This spring, use these interior design tips to add a beautiful coral hue in your home.

Outdoor Design: How to Create the Perfect Patio


As spring time rolls around and the temperature gets warmer, entertaining can be moved to outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather. Having an outdoor sitting area can make all the difference when the weather is nice enough to be outside with friends and family. As you are starting to feel the urge to be outside after a long winter, check out these design tips to help you create the perfect patio. 

Chic and Feminine Design Tips for a Classy Office

elegant table as a desk

The last place someone wants to work all day is in a drab gray cubicle or boring office. If the space isn't inspiring, how can you expect the work to be? Here are 4 design ideas to design a stylish woman's office space that will be sure to put a spark in your work drive and creativity.

Kitchen Design Tips: 5 Best Flooring Options

wooden floors in kitchen

When redesiging your kitchen, what better way to start than "from the ground up?" Selecting an exciting flooring option can be the right foundation for designing an entirely new kitchen. Since the kitchen is one of the main places in the home for gathering the family, it is important to have a beautiful, friendly, and welcoming kitchen. Use the following flooring ideas as inspiration for your kitchen design or renovation.

Redecorating Your Teen's Bedroom

Teenage girls bedroom

As your children grow older, it is inevitable that their tastes will change and they will get sick of their "child-like" bedroom. Be prepared for this day and follow these simple interior design tips for your teen's bedroom

Designing the Perfect Bar for Your Home

Hidden Bar

A bar is a welcoming, fun addition to an otherwise boring living room corner or closet. Adding a bar to your house is a good excuse to throw a cocktail party, show off the house, and finally host the friends you've been wanting to have over. Whether you prefer a showy bar in the middle of a room or a more quiet, hidden bar, the addition of a bar in your home is a decision you will not regret. These design tips can help you decide what kind of bar is the right one for you. 

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