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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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Mid-Winter's Day Dream Home Sale in Our Decor & You Showroom


Our showroom is holding a dream home sale from January 30 through February 3.  Don't miss out on luxury interior design items marked at 25% off wholesale price!

Nice Window Treatments: Decor and You Highlands Ranch

Decor and You Highlands Ranch Winow Treatments

If done well, window treatments can truly become the centerpiece of the room, the crowning touch of a well-executed design scheme. Decor and You Highlands Ranch offers a full spectrum of quality window treatments, and we are proud to offer our clients expert advice and top products.

Denver Design: Three Denver Events To Put On Your Calendar

Denver design events

If you love Denver Design, make sure you check out these three wonderful events coming up the next few months.

Decor and You Interior Design on Colorado's Best TODAY!

Repurposing shutters

Tune into Colorado's Own Channel 2 at 12 pm today to see Decor and You Denver featured in a Colorado's Best segment, "Repurpose or Throw Out". Linnore and the rest of the Decor and You team will help you decide if you should repurpose current furniture or simply throw it out and start anew.

Design for Denver Guys: What You Can Use From Brewery Design

denver beer co

Interior design for the Denver man can reflect the things he loves - Denver's breweries, for example - while still looking stylish.  When decorating your bachelor pad with a brewery aesthetic in mind, try to select subtle accents that will give the allure of a brewery without feeling like your home is actually a bar.

Creating a Functional Mudroom for Your Denver Home

Mudroom Redesign contemporary entry

Your home is your refuge. When it’s rainy and chilly outside, you hurry into your home to get warm and dry. When it’s snowing hard, you sit by a fire and watch the flakes fall from through a window.

Top Denver Interior Designers' Resolutions for 2012

work life balance in interior design

It's 10 days in to 2012, have you kept your New Year's resolutions to this point?  We thought we would share some of our team's resolutions with you, our wonderful readers, and ask you to share with us too.  Maybe you can hold us accountable!  It was interesting that so many of these Denver interior designers mentioned work/life balance and organization.  It's something that plagues us all!

10 Home Organization Ideas for 2012

coat closet organization

What are your resolutions for 2012?  If you're like many Americans (and didn't list fitness or diet as #1), you've decided that you want to be more organized.  If organizing your Denver home is in the cards this year, take a look at these ten ideas to get you started.

5 Tips for Choosing a Denver Interior Decorator

choosing the right denver interior decorator

Selecting the right Denver interior decorator for your family requires a little bit of time and research on your part. You likely don't have a lot of time to waste searching pages and pages on Google to find the right interior decorator, which is why it's important to narrow down your list of potential decorators as quickly as possible.

These five tips can help streamline the process to ultimately save you time.

  1. Ask friends, relatives and colleagues for the names of their interior designers. The Better Business Bureau is another source you can use to gather a few names of local interior decorators who have satisfied their clients. Interview between two and four designers, reviewing their portfolios and asking for references from recent clients. Ask the decorator's previous clients about how easy she was to work with, how informed she kept them throughout the process and if the finished result is what they wanted and expected.
  2. Ask your potential designers about their flexibility to meet at the times that you are available, both for the initial interview and for the project. Remember that designers are professionals too so you'll need your own flexibility, not imagining that a decorator will be available every Sunday or on Friday nights, for example!  Get a good idea of how long your project will take from the potential designers and, when you check references, ask their recent clients if they finished on time.
  3. Study the decorator's website, blog or other written materials. Your research should shed light on the decorator's process, style, creativity and personality. If you love what you see and read, schedule a meeting. If you don't, move on to the next decorator.
  4. Ask the decorator how long she's been in the area. An established Denver interior decorator may have a network of contractors and stores she utilizes, which will let you know what type of work and quality to expect based on her past projects.
  5. Discuss your style, lifestyle needs and wants with potential decorators. A decorator who is stuck on contemporary style won't deliver what you want if you're looking for something traditional. Be clear about how much control you are giving the decorator, such as if he will make the color and furniture decisions, or if you have more precise ideas and simply want him to manage the project.  Don't be afraid to show examples of what you're envisioning through pictures from magazines.  This ensures that you're communicating the right thing as "mountain retreat" can mean different things to different people (think of Aspen vs. the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee!).

When making your final decision on which Denver interior decorator to hire, never discount how comfortable you are with the decorator. If you aren't completely satisfied during your initial meeting, chances are you won't be happy with the final result.

Decor & You Highlands Ranch is happy to come out and meet with you about any of your Denver interior design projects.  Please contact us to set up an appointment (for a time that works for you, of course!).

Photo credit: Architecturs.com

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