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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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Step Outside the Norm with Uncommon Wall Decor

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Often, when many of us want a refresh at home, we focus on the obvious. New paint, new curtains, and new bedding are simple and affordable ways to update a home. Are we doing enough, though? Is there more that can be done in our efforts at a facelift? 

No Green Thumb? How to Add Fake Greenery without Looking Cheesy

fake greenery

You’re allergic. You have small children. You have pets. Your home doesn’t get enough natural light. You’re forgetful about watering plants. Or you just have no green thumb to speak of. But you love greenery and flowers and adore the character and color they add to a room. So what’s a décor-conscious person to do? You can still bring the plant life you want into your space, even if you’re cheating by using fake greenery.

Patterns That Are on Their Way Out


Let’s get this out of the way first: Whatever type of pattern you want for your home, whatever pattern makes you happy or suits your existing décor or fits into the new design you’re planning, is appropriate – for you. But let’s face it – the trendiest patterns are the ones you’re going to find most easily, and hot patterns come and go with the seasons. Whether you want to be inside or outside of the box is up to you, but here’s a closer look at the patterns that have had their heyday and up-and-coming alternatives.

Using Apartment-Size Furniture in Small Spaces


You don’t have to live in an apartment to appreciate apartment-size furniture. After all, homes come with rooms of all sizes, and some have tight spaces that may seem impossible to furnish or decorate. Until now. Apartment-size furniture (yes, it’s actually called that), can give your bedroom, office, family room, or any small space plenty of personality on a smaller scale without making you feel like you live in a miniature world or that you’re being swallowed up by oversized furniture.

The Writing is On the Wall: Fresh Ways to Use Word Art


Using words as décor has become a very powerful way to create visual appeal.

The Non-Nursery Trend: Making Baby's Room a Place for Mom Too


Nurseries are meant for babies, but who’s going to be spending just as much time in there as them? Mama! Baby isn’t going to have that big of an opinion on his or her surroundings until at least toddlerhood, which is why you should keep yourself and your needs in mind too as you design a nursery. It’s not called nesting for nothing! Here are some ideas to help you feather the space.

10 Kid-Friendly Summer Décor Trends


Household organizational methods are crucial during the school year, with designated spots for backpacks, equipment, and more. Summertime is more relaxed when it comes to where a kid tosses his sneakers, but décor still matters, even more so now that your kids are home full-time. Here are 10 ways to make your home especially kid-friendly before school comes calling again.

Room of the Month: The Eclectic Children's Room


When you’re having your first child, it’s easy to be swayed by the adorable bedding and décor sets featuring monkeys playing guitars or smiling butterflies. But if you’re not into the matchy-matchy look, and you’re really hoping for something more original for your child, whether you have babies, little kids, or tweens, here’s a round-up of eclectic ideas to keep your kid’s room cool and unique.

Design Trend: Bright Neon


Neon is upbeat, exhilarating and festive, but using it to decorate your home can be a tricky task. The wrong implementation can create chaos, potentially look tacky and you are sure to be bored with it by the end of the season. Alternatively, the right neon can help establish a classic and long-lasting look that is far more than just a fad.

5 Tips to Make Your Interior Pop

contemporary kitchen

If you have been avoiding adding color to your home’s current décor, maybe it’s time to ask yourself, “Why?” Many times fears reside in the back of our minds. I fear color won’t complement my current décor. I fear I will choose the wrong color combinations. I fear I will not love my chosen colors in the future. All these fears leave us sticking to a neutral palette, and although neutrals can be very beautiful and sophisticated, most of us would love to add a little “spice” to our life.

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