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Child-Friendly Decor Updates

kids playroom

When children become part of your family, life changes in every way, and décor is certainly no exception. But you can work around the unsightly baby gates (and perhaps invest in far more handsome options). Family-friendly décor is an achievable, attractive interior design option because, hey, your home still deserves to look good even if it’s overrun by toys.

Organized Chaos: Mixing Prints in Interior Design

home decorating ideas monique lhuillier gray patterns

Using patterns in the home can transform a space into a masterpiece. While many people may be afraid of using patterns incorrectly in their home, we're here to tell you that it's better to try this 2013 design trend than to shy away from it. In fact, using more than one pattern in a space can create a dynamic look that will wow your visitors. Here are some of our favorite ways to mix patterns in the home.

2013 Interior Design Trend: Chevron - Upholstered Furniture Edition

living room upholstered chairs

In keeping with our recent Chevron theme, today we're featuring chevron-upholstered furniture. Using a patterned upholstery is a great way to update your space. You can find someone who is trained in applying it to your existing furniture, try a DIY project, or simply buy a new piece that already has a chevron pattern! Here are some of our favorite chevron-upholstered pieces displayed in beautiful spaces.

2013 Design Trend: Mixing Animal Prints with Bright Bold Colors

blue zebra print with busy wallcovering

Another 2013 interior design trend we saw at High Point market this year was the combination of animal prints with unexpected bursts of color. Animal prints have been all the rage in interior design for a while now, but they aren't fading out of the picture quite yet! Pairing animal prints with bold colors is the perfect way to create an eye-catching design scheme in a room.

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