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Welcome Summer with 5 Colorful Decor Trends


The summer season is filled with cheerful smiles and warm pleasant outings. This happy time of year should be reflected in your home’s decor.

Outdoor Décor for Summer


As the weather continues to warm up, we all long to spend sunshine filled days and balmy evenings on front porches and back patios. However, you may find that even as the summer’s blue sky shines bright your atmosphere is a little dull.

Beach House Design Inspiration: Family Rooms

ocean front beach home family room

Last in our recent theme of beach house design inspiration, we're focusing on the family room - the main space that you and your guests will congregate after a long day at the beach. The important qualities of a beach home living area are that it is feels open and expansive. Here are some of our favorite beach family room qualities, and examples of rooms that embody them.

Beach House Design Inspiration: Nautical Accessories

sailboat model cape code house

We hope you had a happy 4th of July weekend! Now that the summer is officially here and beach season is in full swing, today's post is our 3rd installment on Beach House Design Inspiration! Nautical accessories are an easy and sometimes subtle way to incorporate beach-themed decor without involving too much cost or effort. Here are some of our favorite beach-themed accessories to help inspire your decor choices.

American Pride: Red, White, and Blue Interior Design

red white blue bedroom with desk

Happy almost-4th of July! In honor of the holiday, today we're featuring red white and blue interiors for your home design inspiration. While our National flag's colors might sound like a gaudy combination when it comes to home decor, these examples below demonstrate how they can be used to create a beautiful space.

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Beach House Design Inspiration: Porches

east beach front back porch resized 600

The porch is a blissful getaway for you and your guests when staying at your beach house this summer. There are many ways to add an extra element of comfort and relaxation to the space. Here are some inspiring beach house porches to get you excited for your upcoming beach getaway.

Beach House Design Inspiration: Outdoor Showers

outdoor shower house and home resized 600

Summer is here and many people are on their way to their favorite beach spots to enjoy a summer vacation. If you're hosting guests at your beach house this year, here is some inspiration for your outdoor shower space.

Beautiful Coverings to Keep Your Patio Cool This Summer

bamboo awning

The hotter months are finally approaching, and your patio is ready to be enjoyed! As perfect as a sunny day is for an outdoor barbeque with friends and family, sometimes the heat can take its toll. Here are some elegant but effective outdoor design ideas to shade your patio in the hot summer months.

Decorating Your Home with Neon

neon chair

Is today's sudden drop in temperature making you blue? Us to. Hopefully these neon decor ideas will brighten your mood! Make the colors in your home really pop this spring and summer (if they ever get here) by spicing up your home with a little bit of neon. This design trend will add that extra jolt of fun and spontaneity to your space and your day.

Outdoor Design: How to Create the Perfect Patio


As spring time rolls around and the temperature gets warmer, entertaining can be moved to outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather. Having an outdoor sitting area can make all the difference when the weather is nice enough to be outside with friends and family. As you are starting to feel the urge to be outside after a long winter, check out these design tips to help you create the perfect patio. 

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