7 Key Decorating Tips for Happy Couples



  7 Key Decorating Tips for Happy Couples

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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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Get Ahead of the 2014 Color Trends

neutral blue paint

If you’re the kind of person who changes the color of their walls to match the season, to ring in the New Year, to satisfy your whims, or just to have the most up-to-the-minuteroom décor in your neighborhood, you’ll be delighted to know that Benjamin Moore has already announced the color trends for 2014.

4 Patterned Flooring Ideas That Wow

painted checkered floor

Sometimes flooring takes a backseat to the other decorating ideas you're investigating when updating your home, but the right flooring can make all the difference in your space. Selecting a creative floor for your home can turn your room from drab to fab! Here are some of our favorite patterned flooring ideas that will make a room stand out from the rest.

Design Trend of 2013: Stripes

stripe dress

Whether you're wearing them, painting them or decorating with them, 2013 is the year for stripes. Not only are stripes energetic and fun, but they are also easy to incorporate in your decor. Throw stripes into your home today for an extra pop of color and texture. 

Decorating Your Home with Neon

neon chair

Is today's sudden drop in temperature making you blue? Us to. Hopefully these neon decor ideas will brighten your mood! Make the colors in your home really pop this spring and summer (if they ever get here) by spicing up your home with a little bit of neon. This design trend will add that extra jolt of fun and spontaneity to your space and your day.

Welcoming Your New Baby to the Perfect Nursery

pink nursery

When the time has come to welcome a new little one into your home, it is an important step to make sure the room they first come home to is comfortable and welcoming. Decorate your baby's nursery with the right colors, designs and comforting furniture using these design tips. 

Redecorating Your Teen's Bedroom

Teenage girls bedroom

As your children grow older, it is inevitable that their tastes will change and they will get sick of their "child-like" bedroom. Be prepared for this day and follow these simple interior design tips for your teen's bedroom

Using Pantone's Color of the Year In Your Interior Design: Emerald

green mid-century modern sofa

Every year Pantone Graphics announces the "color of the year," and this year it is Emerald, a "lively, radiant, lush green." In 2013,  you'll see this color everywhere, and if you're savvy, you can find many ways to incorporate its lovely shade into your own home.

Design Questions Answered: How to Add an Accent Color to a Space

3 accent color levels in a room

In the most recent segment of Colorado's Best, Linnore Gonzales and her interior design team answered the top questions from her viewers. The photos below help to demonstrate her tip on how to add an accent color in your space.

Ombre Inspiration: Simple Ways To Update Interior Design

Ombre Walls

Ombre, a color gradation from light to dark, can be found everywhere from fashion magazines to upscale hair salons, and now we are seeing a resurgance of the popular trend in interior design. You can infuse color gradation into your home seamlessly while maintaining your color scheme and design style. 

Integrating Bright Colors Into Your Denver Home Design

one blue wall

Using bright colors in your home can be easier than you think but it's important to integrate them carefully and think about the juxtaposition of one room next to another. In a recent downloadable Decor and You LookBook, we show how you can use orange (one of the year's hottest colors) in your interior.

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