7 Key Decorating Tips for Happy Couples



  7 Key Decorating Tips for Happy Couples

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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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5 Organizing Tips That Will Have You Breathing a Sigh of Spring Relief

cleaning caddy

Spring cleaning is not a new concept. As the weather warms up we open windows to let in the fresh air, wipe away all the dust bunnies and create a renewed sense of energy as we welcome bright sunny days into our home. Since you will already have your cleaning gloves, on, spring is the perfect time to dive into those organizational projects you have been putting off.

7 Must Have Decor Staples for Every Home


Every home’s decor deserves a beautiful and versatile foundation. Think classic, sturdy and functional furnishings that can handle stylish accessories. Smart decisions on foundation pieces will keep future regret limited and provide the perfect backdrop for your seasonal decorating changes.

5 Ways to Create an Illusion of a Spacious Room


Small spaces can be a decorating nightmare. Perhaps you have a square-foot-challenged living room, bathroom or bedroom that feels cramped and uncomfortable when attempting to put up your feet for some rest and relaxation. There are several tricks to help you create the illusion of a spacious room that will in turn radiate qualities of enjoyment, comfort and livability.

Freshen Up Your Interiors in 2014


The start of the New Year is here which means an “out with the old and in with the new” attitude has set in as people declare their New Year’s resolutions and get amped up for what the coming year has to offer.  Does your home’s décor match your new found enthusiasm? It could be time to freshen up your interiors as the holiday season quickly fades into the distance and the New Year shines bright.

Wash Up! Laundry Room Design Inspiration


Laundry isn’t exactly a beloved household chore, but when you have anorganized, bright laundry room in which to sort, wash, and fold, you may find yourself looking forward to laundry duty more often than not. Just like any other space in your home, you can design your laundry room from top to bottom to have the vibe you want while still offering functionality.

How to Minimize the Clutter: Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

kitchen cupboards

Organization is key in a busy kitchen, and keeping your things in order in the busiest room of the house is a hard task. Follow these organizational tips to keep your kitchen organized today.

Transform Your Entryway Closet Into a Mudroom

mudroom closet

Everyone dreads muddy shoe-tracks in their house, especially when it ends up dirtying the entire entrance to your beautiful home. The way to successfully put a stop to this bad habit is to transform your entryway closet space into a mudroom - the perfect solution for those muddy feet! Not only that, but this space will be incredibly useful for placing shoes, hanging coats, and storing other items that you might need to grab on your way out the door.

A Modern Kitchen: Creative Kitchen Cabinetry Ideas

kitchen storage ideas

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, it's easy to forego creativity and settle on something reliable, but plain. The seasonings in your kitchen aren't bland, so why should your kitchen's style be? With a little forethought, eclectic kitchen design can help to bring out the flavors of your own personal style.

New Year's Resolution: Stay Organized in 2013

desk for organizing mail and papers

Keeping organized is a popular New Year's resolution, but while the years come and go, the disorder only seems to keep coming. Make this year different. If you're looking for creative organization tips for your home, consider the following suggestions.

Nursery Organization Ideas for the Mom-to-Be

organize changing table

When Baby finally comes, you'll be too mesmerized and sleep-deprived to keep track of anything, so do yourself a favor and organize the nursery beforehand. Here are a few baby nursery ideas and design tips to keep things running smoothly once your little one arrives.

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