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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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Celebrating the Arrival of the Royal Baby

royal baby nursery sketch 1 resized 600

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William officially welcomed their royal baby boy into the world today! While we can't be sure yet what the baby's nursery will look like, we can certainly speculate. The sketches below depict what British interior designer Oliver Burn expects the royal nursery to look like.

Welcoming Your New Baby to the Perfect Nursery

pink nursery

When the time has come to welcome a new little one into your home, it is an important step to make sure the room they first come home to is comfortable and welcoming. Decorate your baby's nursery with the right colors, designs and comforting furniture using these design tips. 

Redecorating Your Teen's Bedroom

Teenage girls bedroom

As your children grow older, it is inevitable that their tastes will change and they will get sick of their "child-like" bedroom. Be prepared for this day and follow these simple interior design tips for your teen's bedroom

How to Redo Your Child's Bedroom for Less [Denver Post]

kids room with bunkbedsOne of our articles was recently focused in the Denver Post! Learn how to update your childrens' bedrooms in a stress-less way.

"Mom, Dad, I don't like my room anymore!"

Nursery Organization Ideas for the Mom-to-Be

organize changing table

When Baby finally comes, you'll be too mesmerized and sleep-deprived to keep track of anything, so do yourself a favor and organize the nursery beforehand. Here are a few baby nursery ideas and design tips to keep things running smoothly once your little one arrives.

Baby Conscious Interior Design

chordless blinds

For many people, two large steps in life often overlap- having a child and buying a new home or apartment. When you're expecting a little one, it's important to keep their upmost safety in mind, especially when it comes to the decor and furniture around your home. Baby-proofing a room used to mean bulky baby gates and knotted curtains, but today you can have a stylish and safe home for your bambino. 

Infusing Nautical Design Into Your [Landlocked] Colorado Home Decor

nautical rope chandelier

While it may be a few [hundred] miles until you smell salt in the air, our Colorado home designs don't have to be without the freshness and crispness that nautical touches bring.

Bright Colors, Loud Patterns - Children's Room Interior Design Tips


It’s time for a fun post! Children’s rooms are a place where you can go crazy with color, texture, and proportion, and the results are always acceptable no matter how ridiculous. Bright colors, oversize patterns, kitschy elements… kids welcome all of these! Check out these great examples of children’s dream bedrooms and let your imagination run wild with these youthful interior design tips. You can finally use every outrageous element that wouldn’t have been appropriate in your living room or master bedroom.

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