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Best Paint Colors for Windowless Rooms

basement paint color

A landlocked room? It happens. Basements, powder rooms, offices, guest rooms – they are often windowless, and can suffer for it. But paint (and a few other tricks like light, furniture and accessories – think mirrors) can invigorate an entire space so that it looks bigger, more open, and is free of that claustrophobic feeling. Color is your biggest ally in opening up a windowless room.

The Non-Nursery Trend: Making Baby's Room a Place for Mom Too


Nurseries are meant for babies, but who’s going to be spending just as much time in there as them? Mama! Baby isn’t going to have that big of an opinion on his or her surroundings until at least toddlerhood, which is why you should keep yourself and your needs in mind too as you design a nursery. It’s not called nesting for nothing! Here are some ideas to help you feather the space.

The Meaning of Color: How it Affects Your Mood and Your Home


Careful color choices make your home beautiful, stylish, cohesive and well, you. They also create an environment and set a mood. Do you want your spaces to radiate bliss, passion, serenity or confidence?

Get Ahead of the 2014 Color Trends

neutral blue paint

If you’re the kind of person who changes the color of their walls to match the season, to ring in the New Year, to satisfy your whims, or just to have the most up-to-the-minuteroom décor in your neighborhood, you’ll be delighted to know that Benjamin Moore has already announced the color trends for 2014.

Decorating with Gray

gray kitchen cabinets resized 600

We've featured a lot of posts recently that applaud using bold, bright colors in the home. However, without a little balance, your decor could come off as gaudy or overworked. The color gray is a gorgeous backdrop and color scheme for your home. Here is some inspiration for using gray in any room of your home. 

American Pride: Red, White, and Blue Interior Design

red white blue bedroom with desk

Happy almost-4th of July! In honor of the holiday, today we're featuring red white and blue interiors for your home design inspiration. While our National flag's colors might sound like a gaudy combination when it comes to home decor, these examples below demonstrate how they can be used to create a beautiful space.

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2013 Design Trend: Mixing Animal Prints with Bright Bold Colors

blue zebra print with busy wallcovering

Another 2013 interior design trend we saw at High Point market this year was the combination of animal prints with unexpected bursts of color. Animal prints have been all the rage in interior design for a while now, but they aren't fading out of the picture quite yet! Pairing animal prints with bold colors is the perfect way to create an eye-catching design scheme in a room.

Decorating with Black and White

black and white bedroom

A black and white color scheme is a beautiful and classy combination, and can work in any type and style of room. Decorate your home with black and white today and see for yourself how easy and beautiful it can be. 

Design Trend of 2013: Stripes

stripe dress

Whether you're wearing them, painting them or decorating with them, 2013 is the year for stripes. Not only are stripes energetic and fun, but they are also easy to incorporate in your decor. Throw stripes into your home today for an extra pop of color and texture. 

Decorating Your Home with Neon

neon chair

Is today's sudden drop in temperature making you blue? Us to. Hopefully these neon decor ideas will brighten your mood! Make the colors in your home really pop this spring and summer (if they ever get here) by spicing up your home with a little bit of neon. This design trend will add that extra jolt of fun and spontaneity to your space and your day.

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