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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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Together, but Separate: Decor Tips for His-n-Hers Bedrooms


During the I Love Lucy era, television viewers were exposed to the marital bedroom – and it included separate twin beds in the same room. Eventually, TV loosened up and couples from Darrin and Samantha Stephens on Bewitched to Mike and Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch bunked side by side in one bed. After this pop culture switch, sleeping apart in real life was seen as an indication of trouble in a relationship, but more modern couples are adopting separate rooms for the good of their union. In fact, some research has shown that one in four couples in the United States have separate bedrooms, and that 60 percent of new houses are being built with two master bedrooms.

Celebrating the Arrival of the Royal Baby

royal baby nursery sketch 1 resized 600

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William officially welcomed their royal baby boy into the world today! While we can't be sure yet what the baby's nursery will look like, we can certainly speculate. The sketches below depict what British interior designer Oliver Burn expects the royal nursery to look like.

Headboard Ideas for Your Perfect Bedroom

green headboard

When redecorating your bedroom, an easy way to start is by focusing on the main feature of the room: your bed. Starting off your bedroom's interior design with the headboard is the perfect way to get the ball rolling on your color scheme and bedroom accessories. Use this design inspiration to help you select the right headboard for your bedroom.

Welcoming Your New Baby to the Perfect Nursery

pink nursery

When the time has come to welcome a new little one into your home, it is an important step to make sure the room they first come home to is comfortable and welcoming. Decorate your baby's nursery with the right colors, designs and comforting furniture using these design tips. 

Redecorating Your Teen's Bedroom

Teenage girls bedroom

As your children grow older, it is inevitable that their tastes will change and they will get sick of their "child-like" bedroom. Be prepared for this day and follow these simple interior design tips for your teen's bedroom

Using Pantone's Color of the Year In Your Interior Design: Emerald

green mid-century modern sofa

Every year Pantone Graphics announces the "color of the year," and this year it is Emerald, a "lively, radiant, lush green." In 2013,  you'll see this color everywhere, and if you're savvy, you can find many ways to incorporate its lovely shade into your own home.

2013 Design Trend: Lace in Home Decor

lace jewelry organizer

Lace hasn't just made a comeback in fashion - it's taking on the world of home decor as well. You'll see this 2013 interior design trend in furniture, walls, upholstery, bedding, and more. Whether you're using actual lace or a lace stencil or pattern, this trend is here to stay. Here are some ways to work lace into your home decor.

Master Bedroom Interior Design: Masculine Elegance

luxury small bedroom design

A man's bedroom can be masculine without having it feel like you're walking into a frat house bedroom.  By adding a masculine sophistication, you can have a room that is stylish, organized, and comfortable. A sophisticated masculine bedroom is easy for any man to throw together. Try some of the following design tips

Design Questions Answered: How to Create a Master Bedroom Retreat

decor and you master bedroom

Last week we answered your design questions about the best trends in wallpaper. Today finishes up our Design Questions Answered series with tips on how to create a serene master bedroom.

Sleep In Style With Creative, Beautiful Headboards

creative headboard ideas

Headboards can also be head-turning. These creative headboard ideas go far beyond simple wood, and their bold, beautiful style can transform your bedroom.

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