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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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Take Your Bathroom from Simply Functional to Modern Luxury

Luxury bathroom

Your bathroom serves many functions. Many important functions. But modern bathroom trends are upping the ante for a combination of purpose and beauty that is beyond simple utility. Your days of bathing, relaxation and pampering will be full of elegance and style that reflect a comfortable boudoir or inviting living room over a stark bathroom.

Brighten Up Your Bathrooms

Bathroom lighting

Let’s talk lighting - smart, intuitive and engaging lighting. This important feature in your bathroom is not a simple decision. It can make or break this functional space and too often is not given nearly enough thought as there are many fixture styles to choose from, functions to consider and a desired ambiance to select. The good news: light designers have successfully combined style, sustainability and energy-efficiency to enhance any bathroom based on your needs and goals whether big, bright or proficient.

Create a Calming Oasis: 5 Simple Touches to Refresh Your Bathroom


The most appealing bathrooms are those that cater to the senses. Is your oasis fitting the bill, or just serving as a plain old powder room? These five tips will have you wanting to take a long, luxurious bath on a daily basis.

1. In the Eye of the Beholder

What do you see in your bathroom? Clutter, boring walls, out-of-date fixtures? Paint colors, updated fixtures, and clever organizational methods are the fastest ways to refresh your bathroom on a small budget. But you can also invest in this space and choose to replace your vanity with a more modern and storage-friendly option. Instead of painting, tiled walls can change the entire vibe of even the smallest bathroom. Whatever embellishment you choose, the shades should be soothing – think gray with touches of pink or turquoise, or a combination of soft browns and creams.

10 Interior Design Tips for Holiday Hosting in Denver

front door decoration

If you’re the one expecting a full house at the holidays in Denver this year, you’re already thinking about how to pull off a memorable celebration for your family and friends. Whether hosting people for an evening, a week, or anything in between, here are 10 design tips for hosting the holidays.

Beach House Design Inspiration: Outdoor Showers

outdoor shower house and home resized 600

Summer is here and many people are on their way to their favorite beach spots to enjoy a summer vacation. If you're hosting guests at your beach house this year, here is some inspiration for your outdoor shower space.

Interior Design Tips: How to Pull Off a Sleek, Modern Bathroom

contemporary geometric bathroom

If you're starting on a bathroom remodel or renovation, consider designing a modern bathroom to revamp your home. Modern bathrooms have a minimalist simplicity that is both classy and edgy. Use the modern interiors below for inspiration to design a sleek and contemporary new bathroom.

Masculine Bathroom Design Inspiration for the Sophisticated Bachelor

Image: StylishEve

An essential for the perfect bachelor pad is a masculine yet sophisticated bathroom design. To create your perfect bathroom sans feminine accents or girly color schemes, follow these interior design tips and get inspired. 

Powder Room Design Inspiration for Your Home

green wallpaper powder room hgtv

The powder room is a room frequently used by guests, so it is important not to overlook it when decorating your home. Typically extended off the front foyer or hallway, the powder room should be treated as an extension of its adjacent space. Keep the design scheme consistent and use some of these decorating tips to make the space look larger and more elegant.

Modern Walk-In Closet Inspiration for Your Home

shoe storage

Every woman dreams of having a large walk-in-closet to store every piece of their wardrobe and accessory collection. While many of us have to brainstorm fun DIY organizational tips for storage and closets, it's still fun to keep that hope for the perfect walk-in closet alive. 

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