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Mad Men Style: Bringing the 1960s Into Your Home

Don Drapers apt

Mad Men's 6th season premiered a few weeks ago, and we can't help but be inspired by the 1960s interior design style we see displayed on screen. While there are some 1960s design aspects that we'd like to forget, there are some wonderful elements that continue to live on. Enjoy these design tips inspired by everyone's favorite 1960s TV set.

Designing the Perfect Bar for Your Home

Hidden Bar

A bar is a welcoming, fun addition to an otherwise boring living room corner or closet. Adding a bar to your house is a good excuse to throw a cocktail party, show off the house, and finally host the friends you've been wanting to have over. Whether you prefer a showy bar in the middle of a room or a more quiet, hidden bar, the addition of a bar in your home is a decision you will not regret. These design tips can help you decide what kind of bar is the right one for you. 

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