7 Key Decorating Tips for Happy Couples



  7 Key Decorating Tips for Happy Couples

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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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Opt for Interchangeable Accents


Do you like keeping up with current styles and trends, but like most of us do not have the time or money to spend on redecorating each and every season? You do not need to settle on a fixed look. The answer to your dilemma is interchangeable accents. These pieces are essential for varying your look when it suits you, not your pocketbook.

Picture Perfect: Tips and Tricks for Arranging Pictures

painter's tape frames

A stunning display of pictures is something many people envision in their homes. Making that vision a reality turns out to be a far more difficult taskā€”one that can easily result in a wall filled with empty, misplaced nail holes.

Design Trend of 2013: Stripes

stripe dress

Whether you're wearing them, painting them or decorating with them, 2013 is the year for stripes. Not only are stripes energetic and fun, but they are also easy to incorporate in your decor. Throw stripes into your home today for an extra pop of color and texture. 

Design Tips for Arranging Artwork in Your Home

how to hang large painting

The Denver Art Museum's latest exhibit, Becoming Van Gogh, features stunning work by Vincent Van Gogh that displays his artistic journey.  While most of us can't be so lucky to have a Van Gogh piece to hang in our own homes, it is important to know the best ways to enhance the artwork you do have in your home.  Art tells a story, brings out a mood, and expresses a personality, and if you hang it well it can perfectly complement any interior. Follow these simple design tips for hanging art in your home.

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