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How to Add Flare with Hides


It’s fair to say that if you have or want animal hides in your interior design, you’re a risk-taker. The patterns alone can be a challenge to seamlessly incorporate, but hides also bring with them big opinions about fair treatment of animals. If you’re confident in your decision, the best choice for animal hide décor is to opt for humane hides – in other words, this is one place where going faux is a good idea, and you can make it work in just about every room in your home.

10 Lessons in Styling Bookcases


Bookcases are so much more than just a place to display your library. Art, knick knacks, and your favorite things can have a place of honor or a cozy corner on your bookshelves. But if you’re not careful, the look can become messy or cluttered. Here are 10 lessons in styling your bookcases so beautifully that they can serve as a stunning focal point, notable accessory, or background enhancement in your home.

A Worldly Home: Trends Found in Foreign Homes that Work in Yours


Who hasn’t dreamed of a home inspired by a happy collision of international styles? A worldly home is elegant, sophisticated and a tribute to your unique design preferences.

Bring Your Furniture Back to Life

rustic living room

The useful life of your sofa, armchair or dining table may be far from over, in fact they could still be in pristine condition, and yet many of us find ourselves at odds with our furnishings believing they have become boring and dull. Just because their “spark” has somewhat fizzled, does not mean it is time to give up on any of your pieces. Remember how much time and effort you spent picking them out? Abandoning them now just wouldn’t seem right. Instead, look to alternatives to give your furnishings new found joy in your life and your home.

Beach House Design Inspiration: Nautical Accessories

sailboat model cape code house

We hope you had a happy 4th of July weekend! Now that the summer is officially here and beach season is in full swing, today's post is our 3rd installment on Beach House Design Inspiration! Nautical accessories are an easy and sometimes subtle way to incorporate beach-themed decor without involving too much cost or effort. Here are some of our favorite beach-themed accessories to help inspire your decor choices.

Magnificent Mirrors Using Unique Materials

uttermost burlap mirror

Decor & You recently attended the High Point Market in High Point, NC, and we discovered many new interior design trends for 2013. One of our favorite accessories from the market was this burlap-framed mirror from Uttermost. They took a unique and industrial fabric to frame a mirror in an unexpected way.

Mad Men Style: Bringing the 1960s Into Your Home

Don Drapers apt

Mad Men's 6th season premiered a few weeks ago, and we can't help but be inspired by the 1960s interior design style we see displayed on screen. While there are some 1960s design aspects that we'd like to forget, there are some wonderful elements that continue to live on. Enjoy these design tips inspired by everyone's favorite 1960s TV set.

Great Interior Design Gifts for Mom

dog pillow

Mother's Day is coming up and it's not always easy to think of the perfect gift for the woman who loves you more than anything. A sappy or funny card is an obvious start, but if you need help with the rest, you've come to the right place. Show her your appreciation with some of these Mother's Day gift ideas!

Design Trend of 2013: Stripes

stripe dress

Whether you're wearing them, painting them or decorating with them, 2013 is the year for stripes. Not only are stripes energetic and fun, but they are also easy to incorporate in your decor. Throw stripes into your home today for an extra pop of color and texture. 

A Pop of Spring: Coral Hues in Your Home

coral bathroom

When the long winter months are finally coming to a close, a little bit of color is a truly refreshing sight. This spring, use these interior design tips to add a beautiful coral hue in your home.

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