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How-To Select Your Perfect Kitchen Countertop

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There is no one-size-fits all countertop. The options for styles and materials are quite generous, which we love, as the kitchen is a central part of your home and the countertop is a central part of the kitchen. Your countertop deserves to be customized to your personal style. We also realize all of these options can make new designers overwhelmed. Let’s look at some questions to ask yourself as you start the countertop selection process and then we will review some popular countertop materials.

First, consider your preferred style and aesthetic needs. Do you have a unique look you want for the kitchen? Or do you want it to flow seamlessly with the rest of your home?

Inspiration Strikes: 10 Ways to Jazz Up Your Powder Room

Powder room

Once a luxury, powder rooms are now popular within homes of all sizes. It’s typically the smallest room of the house and is a decorating jewel filled with encouragement to take some risks including using heavy doses of colors or intense patterns that might be overwhelming for your large common areas. So go ahead, be bold and give your guests a powder room to adore.

Here are 10 inspirational ways to get started on your powder room:

Windows 101: Upgrading, Replacing, Restoring, and More


Windows are an important feature. The overall feel of the home often rests on this architectural element as they provide natural light while setting the tone for required light fixtures from room to room. Their structure and shape help you decide the proper window treatments, or none at all. Windows are even considered one of the most important psychological elements of your home, natural light provides vitamin D and can evoke happiness.

A common, big question is when to salvage your windows versus replace them? Let’s look at some window basics to help you figure out what design path is right for you.

5 Reasons to Love White This Summer

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When you hear the word “white” in relation to interior design, do you think “plain” or “boring”? We hope not! White is a far cry from too basic, too dull or too monotonous. In fact, white is your easy design essential with crisp, airy appeal. It works as a tasteful and endearing update for any room, especially during the warm summer months. White’s biggest asset? It creates style without effort and what designer doesn’t long for that element?

Let’s look at 5 reasons white is easy to love:

Creating Color Flow in Your Home

Living room accent wall

Color flow finds a niche in its ability to establish consistency and graceful transitions throughout your home. Even décor based on diverse furnishings and accessories needs to give the eye a smooth journey from room to room – a piece that creates familiarity within each space. We’re not suggesting reaching for a one-size-fits-all hue, but rather utilizing color-coordinating strategies to create a cohesive and refined interior.

Let’s look at 5 of these practical color flow strategies:

7 Tips for a Seamless Flow between Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Modern backyard livingroom

An outdoor entertaining area sitting adjacent to a living room or kitchen offers a lot to be desired. It extends your hosting opportunities and efficiently enhances your space. However, you can’t just knock out the wall between the two spaces and call it a day. The key is to forge a strong connection between the areas making your indoor space feel more expansive and your outdoor space feel supremely comfortable.

Take a look at these 7 tips for designing a seamless indoor-outdoor flow:

Decorating with Houseplants: Create an Indoor Landscape that Wows


Selecting houseplants is fun. Inspiration flows as you choose the right shapes and sizes to grace your space. But if you are not careful those beautiful green plants will soon turn into little brown sticks. It seems our plants suffer from too much attention as often as they suffer from neglect. Finding the perfect balance takes a little effort.

Let’s explore key strategies to maintain thriving houseplants for a beautiful indoor landscape all year round.

Solving Design Problems with Room Dividers

Family room

Room dividers are more than simple accessories to temporarily divide a space. They are modern. They are functional. They are stylish. And they can solve many design problems within both small and large spaces.

Let’s look at 3 common design problems and how room dividers can help:

The Tiny Bar Shed: A Hot New Trend

outdoor bar

What has happened to the shed out back? It may store some old tools and boxes that have been put out of sight and out of mind, but mostly, it is forgotten or abandoned. What if it could have a new purpose? A new trend popping up among homeowners is creating small backyard bars out of these sheds. It is the perfect addition to your summer entertainment plans.

A Little Inspiration from French Country

rustic kitchen

Picture the mild hills and tranquil valleys of rural France. This scene is where French Country style finds its roots as it satisfies the eye and the soul. The style is unassuming and sincere yet always elegant. Think sensible meets sophistication and refinement.

We encourage you to take in the scent of lavender as we explore French Country inspiration for your home.

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