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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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Kitchen Island Designs That Scream One-of-a-Kind

kitchen island

If you have the privilege of designing your own kitchen island from scratch, you have a unique opportunity to create a fixture in your home that expresses your personality and suits your kitchen needs to a tee.

First, you must ask yourself some questions about the function of your island. Do you want a two-tier island that serves as an eating spot and a prep area? Consider the height of the island, room for knee space, and what sort of barstools you have or would like to have. Will your island have a built-in sink and dishwasher? If you have a cooktop, is there room for an exhaust vent above? How much storage do you want your island to provide, and do you want that storage to be open or hidden by cabinet doors? Have you planned for electrical outlets? Is your kitchen so spacious that it could accommodate two islands, one larger work area and a smaller prep area or tabletop island?

Falling for Color: Infuse Your Home with Color to Suit the Season

Fall decor

When the leaves fall to the ground, it’s tempting to park yourself in a cozy corner of your home with a blanket, book, and mug of hot chocolate and not emerge until spring. When you fall into this nesting phase, you may begin considering what could be done about your house. Why not envelop yourself in the season indoors too? Choosing the right colors for your space can make you feel like your home is ready for hibernation.

The first thing to keep in mind is that changing the colors of your home to suit the season doesn’t have to be temporary. You can use autumn to find the inspiration you’ve been seeking to give your home a total revamp or just a little kick all year through. Here are just some of the savory shades to fall in love with, and the most inspiring ways to infuse them into your home.

7 Kitchen Design Tips for New Homeowners

Kitchen design tips

The kitchen is arguably a home’s most important room. It is a multifunctional space available for cooking, casual dining, entertaining guests, doing homework, playing card games and many other engaging activities. But with such a wide range of functions comes a multifaceted space to design. And as a new homeowner this process can quickly become overwhelming.

Let’s breakdown some of these elements and explore 7 kitchen design tips to help every new homeowner:

Heavy-Duty Kitchen Design: Get to Know Concrete Counters

Concrete counter

Concrete is for sidewalks, right? Not in the design world. The first thing to understand about concrete is how this substantial substance can even make its way into your home.

Concrete countertops can happen in two different ways: They are either cast in place (which means poured right on top of your cabinets and finished onsite) or they are precast offsite within a template. But where they are cast isn’t your biggest concern – what you need to determine is if your kitchen floor’s weight rating can handle the load of concrete countertops. A square meter of concrete that’s about an inch-and-a-half thick weighs about 220 pounds. If your floor weight meets the requirements, you must also determine if the understructure of the concrete is sturdy enough to support it.

A Chair for Dad

leather chair

You have seen the “Dad Chair.” It is often depicted in movies and TV shows as the prestigious piece of in-house real estate reserved strictly for dad. Can you see it now? A large leather manly stature, dark in color and full of sophistication. Or perhaps an oversized recliner inviting beer drinking and watching sports. But in reality, every dad doesn’t fit the profile of cigar smoking, literature reader or Sunday afternoon football fanatic. Dads are unique and their chairs should be too.

Let’s find dad the perfect chair. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Make the Most of Your Ceiling


Whenever you’re seeking out seemingly elusive storage space, the common advice is always, “Look up!” Making good use of vertical space can alter a room dramatically. And if you look even higher, you can create a truly exceptional room design by spending some time designing a one-of-a-kind ceiling.

Before you pooh-pooh the feasibility of altering your low ceilings, know this: Beautiful design doesn’t have to stop at your walls. Even if you don’t have the advantage of high ceilings, you can move beyond the status quo of white or cream overhead. Ceiling design is an option for everyone.

How-To Design a Multifunctional Space for the Whole Family

nesting table

Families with children are often seen as the people who benefit most from a multifunctional space. However, a multifunctional space can work great for roommates or even an individual who might not have a lot of living space but has a number of varied interests to manage within their home.

In order to prevent your dedicated multifunctional space from looking like a hodge-podge area, employ these design techniques to make a multifunctional room do its job while still being perfectly pleasing to the eye.

The Master Closet: Tile, Wood or Carpet?

walkin closet

The master closet attracts attention. From small focused spaces to large multi-functional areas, complete with dressing zones, glamorous furnishings and even integrated laundry rooms. But the room is more than just an organizational powerhouse for your wardrobe. It is beautiful. It is stylish. It demands thoughtful design.

One of these design elements is often overlooked - the floor. We fall habit to using the same flooring as the bedroom for simplicity, but we shouldn’t discount other options that could prove more practical and stylish. The closet is its own space, so treat it like one.

Decorate with Ottomans

describe the image

The ottoman is often overlooked or pushed to the end of your décor priorities. Consider moving it up the list. From a range of functional versatility to impressive style for every taste, the ottoman is an interior design powerhouse.

Is your style glamorous, romantic, cottage or rustic? Are you attracted to a tailored table-like look or a poufy footrest? Do you need storage or something that simply looks great? There is an ottoman for you.

Selecting Side Tables for More than Function


Why do we decorate with side tables? Nine times out of ten it is a place to set down our drinks or a home for the TV remote. It becomes the living room’s afterthought. But side tables provide much more than just a place to stack your coasters. The side table demands admiration and does the job of elevating any living area’s scheme.

Here are 8 ways that side tables add more than function to your space:

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