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Shopping for Coffee Tables

coffee table

Completing your living room space requires selecting the perfect coffee table. A coffee table must functionally do many jobs while also visually balancing the room. It’s a home for every day remotes and magazines. Then, it turns into a surface for an evening of games. The next night it may become your entertaining headquarters. And it does it all while sitting right in the middle of your living room.

Browse our tips for finding your perfect coffee table to fit your space, function and style.

Combatting the Boring Foyer


The foyer serves several functions for your home and yet is often considered last when progressing through the decorating process. We suggest moving the entryway to the top of your to-do list as it is your first impression space as guests enter your home. It should be strategically planned to set a tone, send a message and serve a purpose.

Consider these 3 décor strategies as you take your foyer from boring and bland to inspired and functional.

Impressionistic Palettes for Your Home

paint palette

Spring is the perfect time to reevaluate your home’s color giving it the makeover it deserves. As you browse this year’s color palettes to make your decision, you may discover that a radiating impressionistic style is all the rage.

Here are 7 color palettes to consider from highly esteemed companies that know their hues.

What's Underfoot? 4 Flooring Trends Worth Trying

hardwood kitchen flooring

It’s easy for flooring to be overlooked in the grand scheme of interior design (if you’re not working with a professional, that is). Some homeowners are willing to settle for the wall-to-wall carpet that their home already has, or invest in other décor options that they think will tie their room together, or consider flooring only as an afterthought and make haphazard choices about what’s right for a space. The real story, however, is that your choice of flooring can make all the difference in a room, creating a harmonious, settled section of square footage. Some flooring options are more permanent, others can change with your whims. Here are some of the latest flooring trends you need to know about.

Child-Friendly Decor Updates

kids playroom

When children become part of your family, life changes in every way, and décor is certainly no exception. But you can work around the unsightly baby gates (and perhaps invest in far more handsome options). Family-friendly décor is an achievable, attractive interior design option because, hey, your home still deserves to look good even if it’s overrun by toys.

Something Blue: Every Shade of Blue is Hot for 2015

blue pillows

The sky is blue, and so is the sea, but they are never just one shade of blue. The versatility and expansiveness of the blue color spectrum makes it a reliable trend that can be edited and tweaked to suit any room and any season. In fact, we have to say: Is blue ever really out of style?

Conquer a Closet Revamp

modern closet

Closets come in all shapes and sizes – reach-in, walk-in, and walk-ins with serious square footage and maybe even an island – which means there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to reorganization. But if you’re as organized as you’re going to get and it’s simply a lackluster area that’s your problem, there are plenty of solutions for spicing up this intensely personal space so that you love where your wardrobe and accessories are housed, and adore spending time there making yourself look good.

How to Update Your Look with Mid-century Modern Pieces

mid century decor

Mid-century refers to the late 1940s, 1950s, and early 1960s, a time represented so accurately and endearingly in modern films and TV shows like Pleasantville, Mad Men, and That Thing You Do. It’s fun to see this vintage era come to life on screen, but most people don’t really want to feel like they’re completely living in another time. So how do you borrow from a decade long gone? How do you capture the growing design trend of “mid-century modern” in your home without making it feel like you’ve stepped back in time? You want to be retro-inspired, but not go so retro that it looks like you haven’t updated your space for decades.

No Green Thumb? How to Add Fake Greenery without Looking Cheesy

fake greenery

You’re allergic. You have small children. You have pets. Your home doesn’t get enough natural light. You’re forgetful about watering plants. Or you just have no green thumb to speak of. But you love greenery and flowers and adore the character and color they add to a room. So what’s a décor-conscious person to do? You can still bring the plant life you want into your space, even if you’re cheating by using fake greenery.

11 Unexpected Uses and Locales for Wallpaper


Wallpaper is versatile. This bit of décor can help you add color, texture, personality, elegance, or warmth. It can be designated as the focal point of a room or merely serve as an accent. Whatever the color palette or theme of your space, there is undoubtedly a wallpaper available to match it.

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