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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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Step Outside the Norm with Uncommon Wall Decor

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Often, when many of us want a refresh at home, we focus on the obvious. New paint, new curtains, and new bedding are simple and affordable ways to update a home. Are we doing enough, though? Is there more that can be done in our efforts at a facelift? 

Cozy Rooms Guests Won’t Want to Leave

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While there is much to be done to make a home both inviting and memorable, perhaps no place makes a bigger impression on visitors than the guest room. Most of us expect fancy dining rooms and cozy dens, but a beautiful guest room isn’t necessarily a given. Make a statement on visiting family and friends this year with a place that feels like home.

Stylish Storage Solutions for the New Year

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 If you’re like most of us, you’re knee-deep in your commitment to a lofty New Year’s resolution.You stepped into 2016 eager for positive change, but that change is becoming harder and harder to maintain. Perhaps you’ve grown weary of your diet and exercise. That strict budget is hard to maneuver. Your hopes for an organized life are proving unrealistic. Let’s face it. While resolutions resolved are great, the journey isn’t always very fun.

Bling in the New Year

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Perhaps you went out this New Year’s Eve. You dressed to impress from head to toe, not forgetting a detail. Of course, the special night called for special accessories, so you upped the glam. You brought the bling. You sparkled, and you got noticed. 

Take Back Your Living Room

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Tips for Keeping Children’s Toys from Taking Over

Make It or Fake It for the Mantel of Your Christmas Dreams

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When one thinks of a beautiful Christmas home, certain images come to mind. A tree dressed to the nines always stands at the center of attention. Lights drape the exterior, and garland trails the stairs. Finally, a mantel, full and warm, houses stockings and Christmas decor to offer Santa Claus a festive welcome. 

Easy Seasonal Style Changes

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At this time of year, style changes are inevitable. Typically, though, change comes in the form of a dusty box of Christmas decorations brought in from the garage. While most of our homes take on a new look in one way or another during the holidays, seasonal changes don’t have to end there. In fact, there is much that can be done to refresh home décor in any season. Start now, and keep the style revival going throughout the year.

Add Warmth to Your Décor on Cold Winter Days

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If only summer came on this fast…

Planning Ahead: The Perfect Holiday Table

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It seems the holiday race speeds faster every year. Reminders of the coming season appear at every turn. Perhaps those reminders are a good thing…there’s so much to do! Meals, gifts, parties, cards…the list of tasks grows as the time it takes to complete those tasks sprints quickly by. 

Fresh Ideas for a Favorite Kitchen Staple

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The island. Practical and functional, this coveted kitchen feature works hard in most homes. Offering necessary counter, cooking, and storage space, the kitchen island also serves as a gathering point in what is perhaps the most popular room in any home. Considering its multi-functional importance and high-traffic proclivity, is there any reason your island shouldn’t be one of the most interesting and functional spaces in your home? We don’t think so either. 

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