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His-and-Hers Design Themes

couples decor

In many households, one half of a couple often takes the lead with decorating decisions. But if a woman is the #1 decorator, that doesn’t mean lace and frills are on the horizon. If a man is making design choices, that doesn’t mean leather and animal heads will take center stage.

Take Your Bathroom from Simply Functional to Modern Luxury

Luxury bathroom

Your bathroom serves many functions. Many important functions. But modern bathroom trends are upping the ante for a combination of purpose and beauty that is beyond simple utility. Your days of bathing, relaxation and pampering will be full of elegance and style that reflect a comfortable boudoir or inviting living room over a stark bathroom.

Update Your Hardwood Floors

hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are always trending. They are naturally beautiful and create classic looks while new finishes and colors keep them fresh and up-to-date.

Best Paint Colors for Windowless Rooms

basement paint color

A landlocked room? It happens. Basements, powder rooms, offices, guest rooms – they are often windowless, and can suffer for it. But paint (and a few other tricks like light, furniture and accessories – think mirrors) can invigorate an entire space so that it looks bigger, more open, and is free of that claustrophobic feeling. Color is your biggest ally in opening up a windowless room.

Pop Décor: 5 Best Accent Colors for 2015

pop decor

Pop décor is not to be confused with pop art décor. We’re not talking about Andy Warhol and his Campbell’s Soup cans, but we are talking about delicious color. There is never a wrong time to infuse your décor with enough color to make it pulse with life. If you have a neutral backdrop, any of these five colors will make it, well, pop. And adding these shades to your décor shows that you have daring, and maybe a lingering love affair with the neon trend of the 1980s.

How to Create the Cozy Library You’ve Always Wanted

home library

Presumably, if you are seeking to create a cozy library, then you are a bookworm of some sort. And bookworms typically have concrete ideas about where their books should go, how they should be arranged, and the best types of places to sit and devour said books.

Books in Abundance: 6 Unique (Standout) Bookshelf Ideas

white bookshelving

We live in a digital age where e-Readers, iPads and Kindles seem to be the chosen means of reading over traditional books. However, bookshelves are still a classic staple furnishing in the home. Even if you don’t pick up a book to read very often there is something comforting about having them around. They are often personal spanning both sentimental and financial value. Additionally, books provide physical comfort and warmth as accessories to your décor.

Making the Most of a Small Bedroom

small bedroom

While modern bedrooms embrace open floor plans for large airy abodes, many of us are still working with small spaces that don’t speak kindly to the contemporary trends. But this doesn’t mean you can’t create a stylish and livable space.

2015 World Market Trends

fringed lamp

The Decor and You team attended the 2015 Las Vegas World Market last month. If you are unfamiliar with this tradeshow, it is a comprehensive furniture, home décor and gift market featuring timeless selections as well as contemporary and modern styles. Retailers and designers are presented with a total home experience including an assortment of intelligently designed products from fashion forward brands.

From Baby to Teenager: 5 Items for Your Nursery that Will Last through the Years


Most expecting mothers enjoy the process of designing the perfect nursery. They create impeccable spaces in which to welcome home their little bundles of joy. But reality soon sets in and they realize, their babies won’t be babies for long. Now, what to do with that perfect design and the furniture that’s doomed to be outgrown within two years?

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