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Mancave Madness: Create a Room that is Both Masculine and Chic


The mancave is not a myth – it’s a reality. But banish images from your mind of a room plastered with posters of women, ashtrays full of cigars, beer cans littered about, and the scent of eau de locker room. There is such a thing as a chic mancave, where gentlemen can lounge in style, sophistication, and comfort. And even if a gal walked into this uber-masculine room, there is plenty of décor treatment that can be imbued into the space to impress her and make her feel welcome.

Keep it Simple: 5 Furniture and Decor Tips for the Minimalist


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a cluttered home, by too much décor, just too much of everything, there may be a minimalist hiding inside of you. Let that aesthetic out! Here’s how to decorate with a minimalist style without sacrificing beauty, sophistication, or personality.

Color from Head to Toe: 10 Ways to Paint Ceilings and Floors


It pays to take a childlike approach to interior decorating from time to time – and by that we mean, take a moment to throw your head back and peer up, or aim your head down to take a closer look at what’s beneath your feet. Instead of focusing only on the walls surrounding you, consider options for painting your ceilings and floors. You can transform the rooms you’re living in with some daring and a few coats of paint.

The Non-Nursery Trend: Making Baby's Room a Place for Mom Too


Nurseries are meant for babies, but who’s going to be spending just as much time in there as them? Mama! Baby isn’t going to have that big of an opinion on his or her surroundings until at least toddlerhood, which is why you should keep yourself and your needs in mind too as you design a nursery. It’s not called nesting for nothing! Here are some ideas to help you feather the space.

Bringing the Outside In: 6 Decorating Materials You can Find in Your Yard


High style does not need high cost. In fact, there is something very gratifying about designing a spectacular room out of repurposed one-of-a-kind items. Items that can be found right in your own backyard.

The Vintage Modern Look: The Art of Combining the "Old" with the "New"


It’s easy to be swayed by design trends. They’re just so… interesting, different, exciting. But not every trend suits every person or home, and that can lead to décor disappointment. No one wants that! Thankfully, one of the latest trending styles in interior design also allows you to be true to yourself: the mix of old and new.

Refreshing Greenery: A New Way to Look at House Plants

bathroom plant

Create a stylish and health conscious addition to your home through the use of fresh and vibrant plants and flowers. Simple to incorporate into your current décor, greenery is not only gorgeous to look at, but will freshen the air and create a natural vibe that is both calming and inviting while still leaving room to interject your own unique style.

Room of the Month: Achieve the Relaxed Living Room Look


The term “relaxed” does not mean worn, tasteless or disorganized. In fact, it is quite the opposite. A truly relaxing vibe is constructed out of airy sophistication and simple stylish themes.

10 Kid-Friendly Summer Décor Trends


Household organizational methods are crucial during the school year, with designated spots for backpacks, equipment, and more. Summertime is more relaxed when it comes to where a kid tosses his sneakers, but décor still matters, even more so now that your kids are home full-time. Here are 10 ways to make your home especially kid-friendly before school comes calling again.

Room of the Month: The Eclectic Children's Room


When you’re having your first child, it’s easy to be swayed by the adorable bedding and décor sets featuring monkeys playing guitars or smiling butterflies. But if you’re not into the matchy-matchy look, and you’re really hoping for something more original for your child, whether you have babies, little kids, or tweens, here’s a round-up of eclectic ideas to keep your kid’s room cool and unique.

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