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Welcome to the Jungle: What a Bit of Amazon Can Do For Your Space

tropical home decor

The jungle is an impressive theme. It’s big. It’s bold. It’s bright. And it’s far too easy to get carried away with its green upon green, layer upon layer, and pattern upon pattern tendencies. A carefully planned space will keep chaos reigned in and implementing a few strategically selected elements will create a beautiful space with large visual impact. If you embrace color and a bit of the wild side, then this theme is for you.

Let’s look at three ways you can add a little bit of the jungle to your home.

10 Ways to Feather the Bachelorette Nest

neutral bedroom

The bachelor pad may be a common term in popular culture, but what about the self-made woman? Bachelorette pads are just as ubiquitous, and it’s time to help women represent who they are through their interior design choices.

First things first, the idea of a bachelorette needn’t bring to mind pink and sparkles – not that there’s anything wrong with that – but merely a sophisticated version of femininity from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Here are 10 ways to feather the bachelorette nest so it’s uniquely, completely you.

Home Gym: Simply Functional or a Design Power House

home gym

You have decided to design a home gym. You may think you don’t need much – just a corner where you can lay out a mat and use a few hand weights. You may be correct, but we urge you to take a closer look at your space. By paying attention to the details of design, you can create a space that is much more than a lonely functional corner. Instead, create an area that encourages you to workout, push yourself harder, and stay motivated – now that’s some serious design power.

Here are 8 tips to a beautifully designed home gym that’s ready for action:

Living with Lacquer: How to Incorporate Serious Shine Into Your Home

lacquered cabinets

Imagine a 1950s-era soda shoppe with gleaming black-and-white checkered floors, glossy table tops, and shiny chairs. That’s a lot of lacquer (and maybe a little Lucite), but there’s a far more sophisticated – and less diner-centric – way to incorporate lacquer into your home’s décor. Today’s incarnations of lacquer can add depth, elegance, and light to your home. And, if you want, an air of mystique.

The Dirty Side of Design: Toilets and Toilet Paper Placement


Taking on a bathroom remodel is a big project. Today, we are going to focus on one critical element of this remodel, the toilet. Why is it important? Because creating a flawless bathroom look requires perfect toilet placement and there are many features to consider as you make this decision.

You are likely to have professionals help you with the technical stuff such as water supply positioning and installation, but let’s explore what you should consider as you determine your toilet’s perfect location and how it fits into a beautiful bathroom design.

10 Interior Design Rules for Your First Place

new home

Whether you’re fresh out of the dorm or fresh out of your parents’ home, you finally have a place of your own. No one can dictate the number of nail holes you put in the wall or the colors you choose to paint those walls (except maybe your landlord). The point is, you finally have the freedom to arrange and design your space as you please. Where to begin?

1. Take Your Time

It can be incredibly tempting to want to completely furnish and decorate your new place the moment you have the keys in hand. Pause for a moment. Go ahead and live in a spartan environment for a few weeks until you really get a feel for your space, determine how you want each area to be used, and figure out what kind of furniture and accessories you actually need. This will prevent you from making too many impulse purchases or crowding your home with things you don’t have a use for. 

Creating a Television-Less Living Room

tv-less living room

Multipurpose spaces are the norm in today’s modern homes, especially in regards to living rooms. Decorators strategically find ways to hide televisions to accommodate more than just TV-related activities. But a new trend is surfacing as households are deciding to ditch the television altogether creating a space with a traditional living room concept that embraces conversation over entertainment.

There are several reasons why people are tuning out televisions:

5 Interior Design Rules Worth Breaking

living room

It’s admirable to be concerned about getting things “right” with your interior design. There are certainly rules of design that can enhance and make a space look complete. But, as we all know, rules are made to be broken. And you don’t have to have an eclectic aesthetic to appreciate the results of ignoring a few tried-and-true interior design laws.

The Kitchen Backsplash: A Blend In or Standout Element?

kitchen backsplash

The backsplash - a kitchen design element comparable to an outfit’s well-planned accessories. Blend it seamlessly with the rest of your look or ramp up its impact with a bold color or unique material. Whether you decide to make your backsplash blend in or standout, one thing is certain, it ties your kitchen’s look together helping it reach its design potential.

Iron is Having Its Moment: How to Incorporate this Décor Trend

iron gate doors

There is more room for wrought iron in your home’s décor than just patio furniture and stair railings. Iron is popping up in all rooms in all ways. And it’s easy to incorporate this décor trend into your home, whether you go big or accent subtly.

The Age of Iron

Iron is often considered a vintage décor element. It’s certainly possible to find antique iron work to complement your existing home design, but iron décor is also available in so many modern options. The heavy, shining nature of the current incarnations of iron can give a home a look that’s sedate, serene, and luxurious.

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