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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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Planning Ahead: The Perfect Holiday Table

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It seems the holiday race speeds faster every year. Reminders of the coming season appear at every turn. Perhaps those reminders are a good thing…there’s so much to do! Meals, gifts, parties, cards…the list of tasks grows as the time it takes to complete those tasks sprints quickly by. 

Fresh Ideas for a Favorite Kitchen Staple

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The island. Practical and functional, this coveted kitchen feature works hard in most homes. Offering necessary counter, cooking, and storage space, the kitchen island also serves as a gathering point in what is perhaps the most popular room in any home. Considering its multi-functional importance and high-traffic proclivity, is there any reason your island shouldn’t be one of the most interesting and functional spaces in your home? We don’t think so either. 

Square Footage is Just a Number: How to Get More from Small Spaces

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If you’re square-footage-challenged, it’s time to rearrange your thinking. Whether you live in a studio apartment, a tiny house, or a big home with small rooms, it’s what you do with your space that makes it look bigger, hold more, and function as intended. There are plenty of interior design techniques that can help you get the most out of your small spaces.

Pick Your Poison: Design Tips for Luxurious at Home Wine Cellars, Breweries and Bars

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Bars have become popular additions to today’s homes. Some designers dedicate an entire spare room or basement.

Discover the Most Suitable Sink for Your Kitchen

kitchen sink

Conducting a kitchen renovation? Building a house and designing a kitchen from scratch? Whatever situation you’re in, if you find yourself shopping for a kitchen sink, be sure to do a little research so you choose wisely for an element that will figure prominently in your final design. Before you opt for a traditional, two-basin metal kitchen sink, take the time to learn about the possibilities for this integral kitchen component and opt for a design that suits both your style and your kitchen needs.

Whether you cook often or not, you undoubtedly use your kitchen sink daily. This receptacle performs so many tasks. And if you’ve ever lived somewhere with a sink that you truly dislike, you know that the wrong sink can really ruin a kitchen.

It's Easy Being Clean: How to Design the Laundry Room of Your Dreams

laundry room

Laundry rooms are so much more than laundry rooms in modern homes. No longer are they relegated to the back corner of the basement, surrounded by cement, and haunted by the furnace. Laundry rooms are one more delightful bit of square footage to put your stamp upon. After all, you spend a lot of time in your laundry room, even if you’re in there doing a task that you’d rather slough off to someone else. You might as well make your surroundings beautiful and functional, right?

Create Dual Purpose Space

If you have the space to spare, a laundry room can be so much more than just a spot for your washer and dryer. Install a washing area specifically for your pets (which could even double as a drip-dry location when Fluffy or Fido aren’t occupying it). Add a sewing station for small jobs or major crafting projects. Or install an extra fridge to handle your overflow or store extra groceries.

Dress it Up: Add Practical Style to Your Hallways

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You’re in the home of your dreams. Maybe you’ve been there for years…polishing, primping, painting, perfecting. Or maybe you’ve just moved in, and every room represents a stark white canvas ready for your decorating strokes. Things are coming together…but are you forgetting something? Your den is cozy and inviting, your kitchen bright and organized, your bedroom calm and peaceful. Even your bathrooms flaunt your style. Chances are, however, there’s a space you’ve neglected – and it’s one with just as much potential as that formal living room you’re so proud of.

Be Inspired: How to Create a Home Craft Room

Craft room

Creativity is in your blood if you’re seeking to design a craft room of your very own. This is the space where you will express yourself and create the work that satisfies you. So begin developing the look of your creative territory by making a wish list. If you could have everything you’ve ever wanted in a craft room, what would that look like? Now let’s figure out just how much space you have to indulge yourself.

Start with the Walls

Nooks: Wasted Space or Your Children’s Play Paradise?

window seat

Children enjoy places to play they can call their very own. We often tuck these play spaces away in spare bedrooms, basements or lofts, but an entire room is not necessary. If you have other plans for your extra rooms, your kids are not out of luck. Seek out that odd corner in the family room or the dormer in the hallway and create a petite play area perfect for crafts, reading or games.

Kitchen Island Designs That Scream One-of-a-Kind

kitchen island

If you have the privilege of designing your own kitchen island from scratch, you have a unique opportunity to create a fixture in your home that expresses your personality and suits your kitchen needs to a tee.

First, you must ask yourself some questions about the function of your island. Do you want a two-tier island that serves as an eating spot and a prep area? Consider the height of the island, room for knee space, and what sort of barstools you have or would like to have. Will your island have a built-in sink and dishwasher? If you have a cooktop, is there room for an exhaust vent above? How much storage do you want your island to provide, and do you want that storage to be open or hidden by cabinet doors? Have you planned for electrical outlets? Is your kitchen so spacious that it could accommodate two islands, one larger work area and a smaller prep area or tabletop island?

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