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Solving Design Problems with Room Dividers

Family room

Room dividers are more than simple accessories to temporarily divide a space. They are modern. They are functional. They are stylish. And they can solve many design problems within both small and large spaces.

Let’s look at 3 common design problems and how room dividers can help:

The Tiny Bar Shed: A Hot New Trend

outdoor bar

What has happened to the shed out back? It may store some old tools and boxes that have been put out of sight and out of mind, but mostly, it is forgotten or abandoned. What if it could have a new purpose? A new trend popping up among homeowners is creating small backyard bars out of these sheds. It is the perfect addition to your summer entertainment plans.

A Little Inspiration from French Country

rustic kitchen

Picture the mild hills and tranquil valleys of rural France. This scene is where French Country style finds its roots as it satisfies the eye and the soul. The style is unassuming and sincere yet always elegant. Think sensible meets sophistication and refinement.

We encourage you to take in the scent of lavender as we explore French Country inspiration for your home.

Bring a Little Nordic Style to Your Home

nordic style

Nordic style - an enduring design worth getting to know. It embraces beauty and function for an all-around generous and accommodating space.

Check out the reasons why we love the look and feel of Nordic style:

A Fresh Take on What to Do With the Basement

Billard room

Most basements have at least one or two chaotic aspects. It is the afterthought space in the home and typically in desperate need of organization, structure, and style. Let’s sort through the piles of sports gear, art supplies, and tools and take a look at 5 fresh ways to create a beautiful, efficient, and usable basement.

1. Create a Modern Multifunctional Retreat

Basements usually take the form of one big room. This structure resembles a modern home’s open floor plan, giving you flexibility to divide the space into functional zones that work best for you. Do you need a lounge area? Workout space? Dining room and bar for entertaining?

Luxury Features: Over the Top or Just Your Style?

Home theater

Have you seen extravagant home amenities in your favorite movies? Or perhaps you have viewed some high-end luxurious features firsthand in the home of a friend or family member. Do you find yourself longing for a touch of these lavish design elements or do you find them more fun to look at occasionally?

We would like to introduce you to some of our favorite luxurious home amenities. Are they just your style or over the top décor?

Summer Yellow: How to Bring Summer Sunshine Indoors

Bedroom Yellow

Yellow is not often a featured color, as many people fear using it in their homes. But we have to ask, “Why?” The color is bright. It’s cheerful. Being in the presence of yellow evokes happiness, optimism, and confidence. Why not capitalize on these traits while bringing the warmth of summer indoors?

Let’s explore some ways to use yellow in the home:

Accent Chairs: Why They Work

Living room chairs

We love accent chairs. This one element can make a statement, liven up a space, define the mood, and create interest. It is also a way to be a little daring and take a risk without creating a permanent solution. If it doesn’t quite do what you thought it would, take it away and try a new style.

Let’s look at types of accent chairs and how they work to enhance your space:

The Dos and Don'ts of Wicker and Rattan

wicker decor

What is wicker? What is rattan? Is there a difference?

Simply, rattan is a plant material used in creating furniture and accessories that are classically designed and perfected by a handmade organic feel. Wicker is inspired by nature, but can be any woven material. Therefore, some wicker is rattan, but not all rattan is wicker.

Why Your Bedroom Needs a Theme

beach decor

When you hear “themed bedroom” does your mind jump to a child’s space filled with Disney characters? If you answered, “yes,” you are not alone. Some people believe taking a theme beyond the preteen years creates a showy over-the-top look. We disagree. While not as overt as having Mickey Mouse featured on your wall, the best bedrooms revolve around a central focus. A well-designed theme makes the room feel personal, cohesive, and well-planned.

Let’s explore how adult bedrooms benefit from themes and how you can create your own unified space for style, uniqueness, and comfort.

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