7 Key Decorating Tips for Happy Couples



  7 Key Decorating Tips for Happy Couples

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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Professional

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Wallpaper Tips and Tricks


Wallpaper has taken on a new life in the recent years offering decorators selections of textured surfaces that can boldly transform a room by means in which flat paint simply doesn’t compare. Effects are virtually limitless with the use of conventional paper and vinyl as well as wall coverings of metallics, fabrics, cork and grass cloth.

5 Organizing Tips That Will Have You Breathing a Sigh of Spring Relief

cleaning caddy

Spring cleaning is not a new concept. As the weather warms up we open windows to let in the fresh air, wipe away all the dust bunnies and create a renewed sense of energy as we welcome bright sunny days into our home. Since you will already have your cleaning gloves, on, spring is the perfect time to dive into those organizational projects you have been putting off.

Inspired Room of the Month: The White Kitchen


Fad colors will come and go, but white will always look fresh, clean and beautiful. This month we are inspired by the white kitchen. It is not only perfectly classic with the ability to stand the test of time, but it creates a neutral setting that is comfortable for anyone to live in while providing an appealing work environment.

Incorporating Your Everyday Items into Your Home’s Decor

kitchen utensils

You may love a neat and tidy home decorated in the latest styles and trends, but we are going to get realistic today. Your home is where you live and all of your daily necessities cannot possibly be tucked neatly away, out of sight, all of the time especially if you are inhabiting an apartment or house challenged by limited space and storage.

7 Must Have Decor Staples for Every Home


Every home’s decor deserves a beautiful and versatile foundation. Think classic, sturdy and functional furnishings that can handle stylish accessories. Smart decisions on foundation pieces will keep future regret limited and provide the perfect backdrop for your seasonal decorating changes.

How to Get Inspired to Decorate


You know when it is time to refresh the living room, give the bedroom a pick-me-up or redecorate for better storage in the bathroom, but in between the tasks of our everyday lives sometimes it is hard to work in the mere planning for redecorating much less actually getting it done. There are other times when we are just stumped for a new design concept. We don’t care for our current decor, but have no idea where to begin to change it, leaving the space in the same drab design for far too long.

3 Bright and Clean Home Decor Trends for Spring

spring colors

The change of the season welcomes a change in your home’s decor. And this season as spring breathes fresh life into the world that has been hibernating, or at least confined indoors during the past few months, your change in decor should breathe new life into your home welcoming the warmth and brilliance of spring.

5 Ways to Create an Illusion of a Spacious Room


Small spaces can be a decorating nightmare. Perhaps you have a square-foot-challenged living room, bathroom or bedroom that feels cramped and uncomfortable when attempting to put up your feet for some rest and relaxation. There are several tricks to help you create the illusion of a spacious room that will in turn radiate qualities of enjoyment, comfort and livability.

5 Tips to Decorate a Hallway

long hallway

Hallways are frequently filled with family portraits and special memories which is often adequate decorating in itself, but if you are looking for more glamour or even aiming to create an inviting space for people to enjoy your photographs and displayed art then there are ways to enrich your hallway décor for a more satisfying environment.

How to Make a Glamorous Bedroom without Getting Gaudy

white glamour bedroom

Today’s definition of contemporary glamour encompasses a polished and timeless look that is as comfortable and inviting to live in as it is classic and elegant to look at. Leave extravagance at the door and give your bedroom just enough attention to show off its sensible ornamentation.

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