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The Case for Navy Blue

Blue Kitchen

The spectrum of navy blues reaches from a classic very dark and elegant hue that appears almost black to brighter, denim-like shades. You can find borderline indigo and hues with gray undertones – there is a “navy” for everyone. And we are not just talking about throwing one of these tones into nautical-inspired spaces, although classic white and navy has its place.

Navy blue is popular due to other interpretations that create dramatic and luxurious spaces across a number of themes. Ranging from cabinet paint to upholstery, rich navy tones ground rooms with chicness while instantly adding a layer of dignity.

How-To Create Bedroom Envy

Bedroom decor

If you haven’t made setting the stage for the end of your day a priority, now is the time. From large expansive bedrooms to small intimate boudoirs, you can create the luxurious look you want and deserve.

Small Bedroom Makeover

Small, efficient bedrooms are more popular than you may think, and not just for first time home owners. These spaces deserve careful planning and should be designed for enjoyment and comfort.

Creating a Timeless Look

Timeless chair

Fear of designing with the latest styles is often rooted in worries of your home looking dated within months of decorating. Compare this sensation to your feelings for your latest smartphone, which you love, and yet you find yourself pining over the newer, sleeker model that was just released. It’s a never-ending affair.

When it comes to interior design, ditching the temptation for using each new style and investing in strict traditional décor is not the only way to achieve a look that will last. Creating a timeless look incorporates your personal love for a particular style, be it contemporary, eclectic, romantic, etc. and then adheres to strict visual appeal that stimulates inspiration, thoughtfulness and lasting enjoyment.

Color Explosion: Decorating with Brights

red entry

Introducing brights into your home can be intimidating, exciting and uplifting all at once. Brights can boost enthusiasm and make a bold, beautiful statement or they can be loud and overwhelming. The key is to learn to complement your neutral or pale color palette and transform your space into something impressive.

Ready? Let’s look at 5 simple ways to elegantly energize your space with bright color:

The Secrets to Adding Antique Décor to the Mix

antique decor

There is something truly remarkable about antique furnishings and accessories. The history. The stories. The looks they create. The layers of depth they add to your home. They really are worth celebrating.

Mastering the art of decorating with antiques is not always easy, however. You can’t just throw them on top of the rest of your décor and expect them to work. To make them look and feel right you need to create a curated look between all furnishings and accessories involved. Let’s explore styling secrets that can help you achieve this goal.

Designing with a Purpose: Camouflage the Blemishes

TV wall

Your home is likely to have some unsightly blemishes. Some minor, some major. Sometimes we do not have the budget or ability to permanently fix these issues so we turn to the art of disguise. Let’s look at some frequent flaws found in homes and apartments and how you can hide them from sight with little effort or remodel time.

Black paint: the master concealer

A little bit of black paint will go a long way to hide visual imperfections.

Vintage Rugs: Design Dos and Don’ts

vintage rugs

Beautifully worn vintage rugs are a chic addition to any home. Their one-of-a-kind nature makes them a truly special accessory for the perfect combination of functionality, style and personal touch.Let’s explore some design dos and don’ts as you select vintage rugs for your home.

Do: become an expert on your target time period and region

This information will be imperative if you are looking for an authentic vintage piece. Do your research so you are familiar with the origin of rug you are looking for. What was common during your target time period? What geographical location are you hoping to embrace? Pay attention to colors, yarn types, textures, weaves and motifs. You will then be able to communicate with your dealer and have the knowledge to spot the truly authentic pieces you are looking for.

Bring a Piece of the ‘80s to Your Modern Home

retro interior design
While many people have dismissed the entire decade of the ‘80s for anything home décor related, we suggest not totally neglecting the looks that evolved during this time period. There are some serious interior design strategies worth considering that, when slightly adjusted, will fit perfectly into your modern home.

Let’s take a look at what 80s décor could make a comeback in your 2015 home:

Pastel Paint

Walls in soft hues have a natural calming effect. Modern takes on the pastel style include:
  • Blending with white: a base of white walls and floors help the selected pastels standout. Don’t be afraid to use a collection of pastels here.
  • Beyond feminine princess colors: pastels encompass more than just a range of pink and purple. The pastel color palette also includes pale yellows, light greens and soft blues.
  • Pair your pastel with a vibrant shade of the same color: these deep, saturated accents create a clean and cohesive look. Alternatively, you can increase drama by using a contrasting color. Try a pastel wall paint and then use accessories in a stronger hue from across the color wheel.

Favorite Furniture Types

Several furniture styles took hold during this decade. Three of our favorites include:
  1. A sturdy, angular silhouette used to offset overstuffed features.
  2. Lucite. Try these clear furnishings for smaller pieces. For example, accent chairs and coffee tables.
  3. Rattan and wicker also became popular. Today, you can find this material in both indoor and outdoor furniture styles.

A Segway to the Contemporary Style

What we consider contemporary style today took roots in the ‘80s. The progression to a simplified look branched out from bold features, geometric elements and clean lines.

Neon Accessories

While pastels were a hit, bright neon hues also appeared during this decade. Today, we use brights for a fun pick-me-up. Be mindful to not cross the line into obnoxious territory with too many over-the-top clashing colors. Instead go for the surprise factor of one bright color among your accessories.

The Small Kitchen Island

The fully functional kitchen island began its debut in the ‘80s. It was small in contrast to the large features we often see today that include ovens, range tops and lavish storage. However, trends towards space-saving, efficient kitchens have brought back the small island trend that caters mostly to food preparation.

A Traditional Kitchen Table

As the small island makes a comeback, it means the space often used for eating and working at the island is eliminated. The traditional kitchen table then enters the scene. The ‘80s kitchen always had a place for a table that was separate from the formal dining room. Today, this table provides a place to casually eat breakfast, accomplish daily tasks, complete homework and simply gather for conversation.

A Look of Brass

Many designers consider brass a classic finish, especially in Asia. Its warm natural tendencies are desirable. While the brass of the ‘80s was highly shined, it is not likely we will see that look now-a-day. Instead, brass takes on a new tone in the form of antique or burnish. Be mindful as un-lacquered brass is what is considered a living finish. It will change over time. The material will patinate which provides character and warmth, but you can’t expect a uniform finish.

Southwestern Influence

The Southwestern style was a hot trend in the ‘80s. Today, you won’t find as much of the theme-oriented Southwestern look filled with cheap accessories. Instead, you will find a more authentic look with genuine pieces such as Navajo blankets.

Are you ready to update your home with subtle, or major, influence from past decades? The Interior Design Experts at Decor & You can help. From start to finish, a Personalized 5-Step Décor Plan will create a livable and stylish home with the inspiration you crave.

From the Outside-In, Does Your Home Have Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal

Your front porch and surrounding yard is your home’s first impression. Why not provide it with as much style as your interiors? Let’s look at some tactics that will spruce up your front yard to create a genuinely inviting space that welcomes guests while also encouraging you to spend some time in this often neglected area.

Create an Exterior Focal Point

As with any space, you need a focal point. The most common exterior focal point is the front door; your eye naturally rests on it as you approach the yard. Consider giving your door a boost with a new coat of paint in a bold or vibrant hue and upgrade your hardware for nice, shiny finishes.

How-To Select Your Perfect Kitchen Countertop

describe the image

There is no one-size-fits all countertop. The options for styles and materials are quite generous, which we love, as the kitchen is a central part of your home and the countertop is a central part of the kitchen. Your countertop deserves to be customized to your personal style. We also realize all of these options can make new designers overwhelmed. Let’s look at some questions to ask yourself as you start the countertop selection process and then we will review some popular countertop materials.

First, consider your preferred style and aesthetic needs. Do you have a unique look you want for the kitchen? Or do you want it to flow seamlessly with the rest of your home?

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