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10 Lessons in Styling Bookcases


Bookcases are so much more than just a place to display your library. Art, knick knacks, and your favorite things can have a place of honor or a cozy corner on your bookshelves. But if you’re not careful, the look can become messy or cluttered. Here are 10 lessons in styling your bookcases so beautifully that they can serve as a stunning focal point, notable accessory, or background enhancement in your home.

Cabinet Color: A Do or Don't?


When your kitchen needs an overhaul, one of the best ways to revamp it is by changing the cabinets. You don’t have to anticipate a major tear-down and renovation for outdated cupboards, nor do you have to dig deep in your pockets to make this change. A few coats of paint on your kitchen cabinets can make a world of difference, revitalizing the space and shifting the entire ambiance of a kitchen.

Fall in Love with Orange: 5 Tips to Use this Autumn Color in Your Décor


As fall approaches, we start to spend more time in the living room and less time on the front porch. The vigor we once gained from the fresh summer air must now be found somewhere within the confines of our front doors.

Room of the Month: The Cozy Built-In Office

corner desk

Whether you have a generous amount of square footage dedicated to a home office, or just a quaint corner of the kitchen, this important space should gel with your home’s style while also serving as a work-friendly, motivating, but comfortable atmosphere.

The Writing is On the Wall: Fresh Ways to Use Word Art


Using words as décor has become a very powerful way to create visual appeal.

A Worldly Home: Trends Found in Foreign Homes that Work in Yours


Who hasn’t dreamed of a home inspired by a happy collision of international styles? A worldly home is elegant, sophisticated and a tribute to your unique design preferences.

Granite Who? Introducing the New Countertops on the Block


Tired of granite? So are a lot of people. While granite used to be the must-have material for countertops, homeowners are starting to think about materials that are more user-friendly, more interesting, and just different from every other house in the neighborhood. Your interior designer can help you determine the best option for your kitchen. Here are some of the burgeoning alternatives to granite.

Bright New Lighting Ideas You Haven't Tried


Over the decades, lighting has evolved from a strictly functional form into a unique design component all its own – a statement piece that is radiant and artistic. Most recently, a larger focus has been placed on the fine quality of craftsmanship as lighting elements now strategically create a strong thematic focus that people are sure to take notice of.

Decade Décor: 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, Trends that Still Work


Taking a look back at decades of décor can be fun, haunting and inspiring all at once. Let’s take a brief look at some of our favorite trends from the past and how they can still be used in inspiring ways today.

Mancave Madness: Create a Room that is Both Masculine and Chic


The mancave is not a myth – it’s a reality. But banish images from your mind of a room plastered with posters of women, ashtrays full of cigars, beer cans littered about, and the scent of eau de locker room. There is such a thing as a chic mancave, where gentlemen can lounge in style, sophistication, and comfort. And even if a gal walked into this uber-masculine room, there is plenty of décor treatment that can be imbued into the space to impress her and make her feel welcome.

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